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So last week my beloved Golf R was collected by the man from the leasing company (boo) and then a few days later his colleague arrived with my new GTi (yah)


First thing... my old car was cosmetically flawless and my new car was a state. 5 hours of obsessive washing, claying, polishing etc it looked as you'd hope...MINT


Much has been said on here about the differences and obviously I was massively apprehensive of making a backwards step to a GTi so I just wanted to let people know a few things.


The GTi doesn't rumble like the R so what you here is really like how it sounds and admittedly it didn't sound great but it's grown on me. You can change the noise a bit but it makes little difference so best left in normal mode.

It doesn't go around corners / roundabouts like it's on rails

It WHEELSPINS which the R never did which is testament to how amazing and unnoticeable the 4WD must be

It doesn't attract every dickhead on the road wanting a race

It doesn't like petrol stations as much as the R

It doesn't feel when I stamp on the brakes the world has stopped spinning

It doesn't have oval exhaust which I hated although I unfortunately does have exhausts which are the size of a Coke can and look like they came from Halfords


It does / is / has


Sails along effortlessly in a really calm manner with very little noise and with great poise

It has made me calmer

It doesn't love petrol stations (filled up and sitting pretty with half a tank left having done 165 miles)

The new stereo and digital dash is a nice touch if not a big over whelming

I like the interior more than the R, not to everyone's tastes but just feels a bit more special to me

It goes over potholes without juddering or rattling my teeth or making me wince

It's only costing me £185 a month to lease as opposed to the £350 I was forking out for the R (I know this doesn't apply to everyone buy a big factor in making my choice)

My wife says she'll drive it (which could be good or bad) but she wouldn't drive the R as she felt it was too aggressive compared to her 1.6 GT

I managed to get it in Issac Blue which can only be got on the GTi or GTD which I like

I don't have people constantly telling me at petrol stations 'I prefer the sound of a MK6'  or  My Civic is faster' whilst I smile and in my head think maybe but 1. it's a much better car than a MK6 Golf and I don't want to drive about making loads of noise and 2 You look a like something out of Fast and the Furious driving round in that over the top plastic Civic and I'm 46 not 19


So far that's about it but I would definitely have to say the R isn't just the GTi with a few additions it's like a completely different car and they both seem to cater well for difference tastes. The R for sure is a beast and seems you get A LOT more than just out right performance for a little extra money but the GTi is a beautiful swift relaxed drive with just a little more refinement for everyday use. I'm still in that stage like when you get back from holiday and your car just doesn't feel like you remember it as you've been driving something else. Day by day I'm adjusting and genuinely loving my new car it just feels a bit strange.


Love both cars for their individual merits, let's stay positive with the comments, the sun is out and life is good.


Happy weekend allIMG_9707.thumb.jpg.84a73216612858df8ccb9ddb052dad0b.jpg








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So last week my beloved Golf R was collected by the man from the leasing company (boo) and then a few days later his colleague arrived with my new GTi (yah)   First thing... my old car was c

As others have said, I like the red on the GTI through the headlights, it does look less like a normal golf than the r.   Enjoy, and lovely colour!

I'm genuinely stoked with all the positive comments about the colour, never saw it in the flesh before it turned up at and not seen another one yet. I clayed it then Coated it with Chemical Bros

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That blue looks a beautiful colour! I like the wheels too.

11 minutes ago, Brookside93 said:

Gorgeous colour! I have never had a car that cheap per month before, asbolute bargain 1f603.png

The initial lease deals on the R were incredible - my first DSG that went back earlier this year - £160 a month INC VAT.

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As an R owner, not sure if I should feel this way but I prefer the styling of the Gti over the R, the red through the headlights and grill just looks more special to me. I would have gone Gti had they made an estate version which is what swung me to the R. Both good cars.

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Great review - thank you.


I had a Mk 7 GTI when they were first launched, before moving to an R.  I will probably get shot down for this, but I always felt there was a little more personality in the GTi, it seemed more eager to please somehow, like a dog wanting a treat!  For me the R feels a little more grown up in its attitude and thus just lacks a little character.


All that said I loved my R and I will love my next R when it arrives next week.  There will just be a teeny weeny little piece of me that to get back into a GTi.


Enjoy, have fun, and love the car, its a great one  

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Great colour and a classy looking car. I totally agree regarding the Civic....I wouldn't want it as an everyday car either....saw one of the new Civics at Goodwood and thought how chavvy it looked.

The R  and GTI has just the right amount of mature sportiness is good on the eye and doesn't attract too much unwanted attention.


Enjoy the GTI they're great cars.

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Cool. Enjoy the car.  Nice honest review. 


Id certainly have considered a GTI.  Just couldnt help myself ordering the R coming from the R32. (and blew the budget with extras!)


Both great all rounders with similar image, build quality and refinement.  i like the jekyll and hide character of the R. Can be cruising at 40 mpg with no fuss....or i have a mad moment where i think its like a rocket!  Id suspect the gti shares some of those traits.


I do seem to get t**ts in mediocre cars sat on my back bumper from time to time....ie vectra cdti sat aggressively on my back end....i was in traffic and nowhere to go!!

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What a great write up! Shame you've changed, but it may bring you back nonetheless! My other half doesn't drive the R, she's insured... but thinks it's too much compared to her 1.2 clio campus (looking at an S1 for her).
Nice that you've side stepped a bit, hopefully may see you around!

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I miss my R... I had a lease as £179 inc vat/10k and it was a great car. The clutch in the manual was a weak link in otherwise a great all round chain (had clutch, flywheel and pressure plate changed at 5k under warranty).

I've noticed since it has gone I've calmed down quite a bit... but I miss how it went round corners and roundabouts wet or dry, and get it right and you could get the back out a bit and it was so controlled. My long term average was 22mpg and whilst that didn't bother me, the small fuel tank means I was filling up every 250-280 miles which got a bit boring.

I nearly went and bought an R after my lease was up, but I really wanted something a bit bigger and didn't like the look of the estate.

I've ended up with an Audi A6 Avant black edition Biturbo. I seriously regret getting a diseasal although it's got pace to match the R in a straight line and off the mark and sounds amazing with the active sound exhaust. It doesn't corner at all as well and has the Quattro understeer which is pretty horrific when on a wet roundabout and forgetting I'm in a barge of a car!

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Stunning GTI.. unbelievable lease deal...
Would of gone the same way but the wife has an Obsession over 4wd and wanted an evoke after my Macan..but I wanted a GTI so we settled on the R.. who was I to argue

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17 minutes ago, Jon R306 said:

Stunning GTI.. unbelievable lease deal...
Would 'of'? gone the same way but the wife has an Obsession over 4wd and wanted an evoke after my Macan..but I wanted a GTI so we settled on the R.. emoji6.png who was I to argue emoji4.png

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