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Audi A3 Alloys - fitment to an 7.5R?

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56 minutes ago, HV_Sparks said:


As per my first ever post I have a set of genuine Audi rims shod with 18" winter tyres.  

I am not immediately sure on the rim spec but do you think they'd fit the R when it arrives?


Depends what spec said rims are: post the details and we'll be happy to help. ;)

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ET51's will do fine, although ET45 is ideal. Centrebore and bolt pattern aren't mentioned but as long as they're 57.1mm and 5x112 mm respectively (which they should be) you're good to go. VW fixing bolts are radiused not tapered so that's another thing to look out for but again I'm pretty sure Audi-spec wheels will be the same.

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16 minutes ago, HV_Sparks said:



Found this post which are identical to mine, although I got mine from my local Audi dealer for £400 for four, without tyres.  They really go well with my current grey A3.

The images in the link show the spec.


Velum design Audi Alloys

Hi Matti & welcome to the forum. The wheels will fit the R with no issues as there identical in spec to std 18" R alloys. I'd like to see some pics of these when you get round to fitting them. :afro:

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On 7/12/2017 at 20:53, veneeringman said:

I was gonna sell my 19" wheels with winters on

However now I've got the 7.5 R I'll be putting these on come the winter emoji3.png




Hang on a minute !! have I been away that long from here ??? 


Sean - you have a Golf R ??? 


Better head off to RS3OC as well now .... Pat might have finished his build 🤔

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