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      The New Mk8 Golf R rumours have started.
      Articles in AutoBild Magazine this month reveal that “Dieselgate” has indeed delayed the release of the new Golf R, with the MK 7.5 Facelift R filling the gap until the MK8 is unveiled, most likely at the Frankfurt IAA Show in September 2019. The R has always followed on a year later from the base models, so what can we expect to see in 2020?

      A slippery, lower, aero efficient front end apparently, together with smaller cooling grilles. Sharper taillights at the rear along with the badging in the centre of the tailgate. So pretty minor and run of the mill evolutions rather than revolution changes to the appearance.
      No mention of a hybrid boost unfortunately, although hope springs eternal as they say. The engine is likely to push out 350bhp, an uplift of around 40 horses from the current facelift variant, which can likely be achieved through more robust turbos running at higher boost. VWROC members simple Stage 1 remaps can already get close to that.
      The body of the car is likely to be up to 70kg lighter, although in R form the Haldex system will add to that somewhat. Still it’s a move in the right direction and could lead to an even better balanced chassis. Is this even possible, some might ask?
      The interior is where the tech has been updated, to Minority Report levels. The entire cockpit has been replaced by digital displays, a little bit like the current S-Class. We saw a flavour of this in the Worthersee Golf R special “Touch” edition in 2015. See video below:
      Better still it’s operated by gesture control, although in the UK I’m not sure it would recognise many of the gestures motorists currently use whilst driving!
      Augmented Reality Heads-Up-Displays will also feature with navigation arrows projected and mirrored onto the street ahead in 3D.
      In addition, there will be assistants that fully automate parking and keep track of speed and distance. Apparently the driver could be allowed to read newspapers or check emails while driving at speeds of up to 35mph. Drivers will login to the car and it will learn your preferences, habits and weaknesses (ours are craft beers and crisps). It’ll learn your favourite music and preferred temperature. It’s almost like an Amazon Alexa’s been lost down the back seat. As we all know though, the problem with tech in most mid-range cars is that its way out of date by the time the car reaches the consumer. All we really want is a great screen that’s capable of properly integrating apps from our phones seamlessly.
      Be warned though as by 2025 VW are planning to have a totally networked car that will drive pretty much by itself, and that ladies and gentlemen, marks the beginning of the end of the fun! The final blow coming in 2040 when petrol and diesel new cars sales will be banned. Our poor kids!
      Photos courtesy of Auto Bild online. Thanks!

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