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    • By extremecapture
      Dyno shoot out and diagnostics day.
      8th June 2019
      Area 52 Autosport
      Unit 2 Park Court
      Park Lane Business Park
      Park Lane
      NG17 9GW
      Hi all, I’m organising a Dyno day at the above. 
      3 runs per car ( unless they spot something untoward ). 
      All cars run with Det Cans to monitor for engine knock and Wideband Lamda (to monitor for Air Fuel ratios. 
      Laminated graphs supplied to you displaying Power V Torque and Boost V AFR where applicable.
      All runs carried out by highly acclaimed race car tuner Jason Cooper and his team, utilising there Dyno Dynamics 4WD Dyno.
      Cost for the day is £50 per car, tea coffee biscuits and sandwiches included.
      There is a limited spaces of max 15 cars and minimum requirement of 10 cars.
      I would require £20 deposit PayPal [email protected], please reference as Dyno day and mark as friends and family please, to secure your place, the rest to be paid in cash on the day.
      Pm me if you require further information. 
      Should be a great day.... Jase is very knowledgeable in all areas of motorsport and will probably talk you to death on the subject 👍
      Regards 😎

    • By mk6 r
      Hi im looking to buy a white MK6 golf r it has to have DSG and fairly low mileage. Will pay good money for the rite one so if any of you guys are thinking of selling let me know.
    • By PAGC
      I know what the standard understanding is that if you remap a newish car you invalidate the original manufacturer's warranty but I am struggling to find absolute proof of this so would be grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction. I have recently bought an 18 plate Golf R which is largely great but has had some teething problems, (mainly due to a large bolt fastening the front offside wishbone on to the chassis being very loose). I have read the VW warranty (https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/warranty/new-car/terms-and-conditions) several times and can see that it says "Items which are excluded from warranty cover include but are not limited to: Components, equipment or software (Chip tuning) which are not part of the vehicle at the point of original manufacture (unapproved modifications." I can not see anywhere that it says the whole car is not covered by warranty if it has undergone 'chip tuning.' 
      Can anybody tell me what I have missed?
    • By KDV
      Bought my golf r in late october with 23k on it.
      Mods so far:
      R600 intake
      Sachs sintered uprated clutch
      CAS res delete
      Powdercoated exhaust tips gloss black
      BBS VZ 18"

    • By Gsolid
      I have recently upgraded my 2015 R manual folding mirrors to original electric ones taken off a 2016 R.  the mirrors and switch are all original parts, the install was pretty easy and I have successfully got the mirrors working (folding via switch, auto folding when car is locked, demister and reverse dipping etc)  
      The upgraded ones include puddle lights which fail to turn on when folding in or out.  I was wondering if anyone else has faced this issue before?  I don't have puddle lights on the doors, just a red reflector at the bottom so would this be the cause of the issue or would it be something else?  does anyone know the fuse number for the puddle lights?
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