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Google Earth & Streetview being removed?

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Anyone else receive this email this morning?  Got to love a message that talks about continuous improvement while telling you that they are taking key services away!!!!



We would like inform you about changes to the Car-Net "Guide & Inform" services.

Since 2013, we have been working on innovative solutions to continuously improve your Car-Net experience. During this time, we have expanded our offerings internationally and have extended them with numerous useful services.

As part of recent product updates, we have adapted the "Guide & Inform" package. 
From 31/10/2017, „Guide & Inform Plus“ (part of the Discover Nav Pro system) contract extensions will no longer include the "Google Street View™" or "Google Earth™" services. 

For customers with an existing "Guide & Inform" contract, the "Google Street View™" service can be used until 31/12/2017. The "Google Earth™" service will be available until the end of your existing contract period. 

Our complete Car-Net services are available here.

Best regards
Your Car-Net Team

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21 minutes ago, Kieran said:

That sounds like a pretty big disappointment.... I wonder what's caused them to remove it?


Money probably. Or some major problem in the contract between google and Volkswagen AG.

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