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Mk7 Haldex Fluid Change and Pump Gauze Clean

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You will need:

5 and 8mm hex keys.
Lint free rags.
Cotten buds.
Torx 10 (need to confirm) .
10mm socket.
Flat blade screw driver.
Syringe (or use a freezer bag with a hose if you dont have one).
Containers to catch old fluid.
Haldex fluid g-060175-a2.



1. Raise car.

2. Unclip harness from haldex unit by pushing 2x clips  out.

3. Unclip pump connector using screwdriver and lots of patience (difficult access).
4. Remove sump filler plug with 5mm hex.
5. Remove sump plug with 8mm hex.
6. Catch old fluid.
7. Install sump plug.
8. Remove two bolts securing pump with 10mm socket.
9. Pull pump by wiggling it. 
10. Catch old crud.
11. Remove gauze from pump with torx 10.
12. Clean pump and gauze using rags, cotton buds and water.
13. Install gauze on pump.
14. Clean haldex innards.
15. Install pump.
16.Fill sump with syringe until it spills out. 
17. Install sump plug.
18. Go for a blap. 
19. Check level. 
20. Sleep well. 


















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Can’t view your pictures.

However, I think I know which it is. I can’t get the rear of the car high enough for a proper look around. Can feel the cable from the top of the pump but can’t see it’s routing.

Access is really difficult.

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On 2017-10-30 at 10:07, Mike R said:

Thats a great guide 1f44d.pngim shocked at the amount of sludge on the pump filter & in the bottom of the pump housing,your oil looks black as well. I will be doing mine soon once ive got the oil. 


OP: If you don't mind could you tell us the KM/mileage/interval on the Haldex fluid and your driving style, any track days etc. ? That screen looks terrible, however similar to other Haldex pump screen pictures on the 'net.

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Certainly, car is 3 years and a week old. Mileage is 31000 miles. Fluid was changed by VW approx 2 weeks previous!

Car is driven with mechanical sympathy. Mostly it does a 16 mile commute each way, 5 days a week, at approx. 50mph. I have done approx 5 launces in 1 year ownership. No track days.

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