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POI Sat-Nav Speed Camera alerts via Car-Net

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On 06/02/2021 at 09:45, davidm said:

Hi there,


I went to update the Speed Camera data using My POI on the VW website.


The option appears to have gone.


I have Vehicle Health Report, Navigation (only destinations can be uploaded), Servicing/Maintenance and News.


The My POI option has gone from my page. I am in UK. Anyone else see the same?



Hi David,


Just tried to do this myself, option missing for me as well. Also from the UK.


I have sent a message to VW asking if the facility has ben withdrawn and will report back if I hear from them.

Has the issue been resolved for you?



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Hi Rob,


Thanks for checking. No change here. Still not available. 

What a pain if they have removed the functionality. 

Thanks again for looking. Hopefully they get back to you with something sensible. 


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I have received this response from Volkswagen which confirms that this service has been permanently removed.



Dear Mr xxxx,

Thank you for contacting Volkswagen Digital Services.

We would like to inform you that the "My Points of Interest" service is no longer a part of your Car-Net "Guide & Inform" service package. It was switched off from Guide & Inform service package in week 50/2020.

PPOI lists that have already been downloaded will of course still be available to you. However, if you reset your infotainment system to the factory settings, the lists will be removed in order to protect your personal data.

We will now focus on the alternative navigation services of the "Guide & Inform" service package, in particular on the "Online POI search", "Online Route Import" and "Online Destination Import" services. These services can be used as good alternatives to the discontinued service and are enjoying greater popularity among our customers.

With the help of the "Online POI search" service, the search for a special destination is made easy by an online inquiry that uses currently available databases on the Internet.

With the "Online Destination Import" service, you can conveniently specify your desired destinations from home via the We Connect portal, e.g. in preparation for an upcoming trip, and send them to your vehicle.

Furthermore, the "Online Route Import" service also allows you to plan longer journeys with several stopovers and send them to your vehicle. This allows you to define a route with a starting and endpoint and up to eight intermediate destinations.

We thank you for your understanding and hope that you continue to enjoy your mobile online services from Volkswagen.

We wish you always safe drive with your Volkswagen Golf.

Yours faithfully
Your Digital Service Team




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