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And the filthiest haldex filter award goes to...


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.... well, I have to be a contender!




I’ve only just clicked over 16k miles and not even 2 years old yet.  The used oil was black and full of that sludge crap. Absolutely minging!


Can’t believe that VW don’t think this part needs serviced!



All nice and clean now though...


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5 minutes ago, g7nickh said:


Why does it get like this? 


does the car seem any different after servicing?


TBH, im not sure. I guess the clutch plates in the haldex unit must wear away and the material mixes with the oil. 


I only done it an hour ago and have just had some lunch so haven’t driven it yet. I’ll  be off to the girlfriends shortly though so I’ll see how it feels. 


Easy enough to do though. Took an hour and a half, but probably less than half that now I know what im doing. 

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23 minutes ago, g7nickh said:

does the car seem any different after servicing?

On slow speed maneuvering, I used to feel a slight shove in the back of the seat when the haldex would kick in.  This is much improved since the service.  So IMHO well worth doing. 

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32 minutes ago, 75Type2 said:

Have you taken it for a quick drive to get the fluid moving around the haldex and then topped the fluid up?  It took an extra 150ml of fluid once i'd done this and had about 100ml of the new oil left in the bottle.


Top tip. Cheers bud. I’ll do that 👍

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4 minutes ago, dj219957 said:

provided you add it slowly enough its not necessary to take it for a drive and then top up.

I can see what you're saying, but when I took the gauze off the pump, all the old oil siphoned out of the pump.  No amount of back filling or gravity was going push the new oil into the pump.  So the oil level would not have been at the correct level.  I heard the pump activate on a couple of occasions, until the oil got sucked into the pump.

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Well, ive just driven 20 miles to my girlfriends. The first greasy roundabout i came to, i poked the throttle to get a bit of slip to encourage the haldex to activate and sure enough, there was a unusually harsh kick in the back.


Im guessing that this was the pump firing up for the first time, and as the pump bowl wasn’t flooded with oil, there was a slight delay then a sudden engagement as it expelled the air and pushed the oil through to hook up the rear drive shafts. 


The next couple of roundabouts I came to I tried a similar technique and it was absolutely fine. Silky smooth infact, and just did what it does best - grips and goes!


The initial hesitation does make me think there may be a tiny bit of air that was displacing the oil so I’ll get the syringe out again in the morning and see if anymore will fit in. Think I have about 100ml left in the bottle. 



The extra smoothness may just be placebo effect, but for £40, it’s mechanical piece of mind. 


I’ll sleep that little bit better tonight lol!

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29 minutes ago, Chris3King said:

Easy enough to do yourself?



Just get the back of the car raised as much as you can. I reversed up a pair of old fashioned metal ramps that are about 30 years old. Worked a treat!

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