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    • By Kieran
      Would anyone be up for a track day at Oulton Park on 28th November?
      If we can get 5+ people it’s £117 each for the entire day (if booked soon) and we get a free garage to use between us. Open pitlane, and the organiser is MSVT. Normal price is £129 without a garage
      Currently need 3 more people to qualify for the discount (you don't need to have or take your Golf, can be any car)
      Think it would be a lot of fun if we got a few of us there! Any questions or if you’re interested send me a message
    • By Booth11
      Welcome to the October 2017 Photo of the Month competition.  
      Post your photo entries up here.  High quality, high resolution images preferred.  All winners must be able to provide a high resolution version of your entry.  Please refer to the updated rules at pinned top of the competition section for full details.
      Please note, we have now updated the PotM rules to incorporate Instagram publishing into the competition, so if you wish for your photo entry to include your instagram handle please include it with your entry, or drop us a pm or email ([email protected]). If you do not wish for your entry to appear on instagram please state that in your post. 
      Good luck to all.  👍
    • By admin
      Know that feeling when your R is in at the dealers - the dread of them washing it even though you’ve asked them not to touch it? The detailers among us know that feeling all too well. Cue the ‘Please do not wash’ hanging sign – the saviour of many a dealer swirled R!
      WoWo, our friendly detailing forum sponsor, have got 10 of their 'Please do not clean my car' hangers to giveaway to discerning VWROC members. But just giving them away would be no fun at all, so how about a little mini competition for you to get your detailing mitts (no pun intended) on one of these precious little signs.

      As anyone familiar with WoWo detailing accessories will know that their products are a detailer's delight and this welcome little hanger is another sure winner.
      So, girls and boys get your WoWo gear and your cameras out and snap a shot of your lovely clean R alongside your favourite WoWo product(s) and post it into this competition thread. The top ten most ‘liked’ pics will receive a WoWo hanger.
      Here are a few simple rules:
      One entry per member One pic per entry Competition closes at midnight Wednesday 4th May. Entries must be posted by this date. No spam please, entry posts only. For chat please use the dedicated competition chat thread. The top 10 most ‘liked’ images will win and winners will receive a WoWo hanger. Entries with tied number of likes will be deliberated by the VWROC team (Admin and mods) and their decision will be final. Winners will be announced 7 days after the close of the competition. Any submitted entries may be used on social media, so make sure you have permission to share the image. Any questions or opinions to express please use this thread. 
      Don't forget to check WoWo out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
      So……get posting and get 'liking'. Good luck!
      Click here to view the article
    • By Booth11
      Fellow detailers!

      Fancy trying to get your detailing mitts on one of these little WoWo beauties?

      For full details, please step this way......

      Don't forget to check WoWo out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
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