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Renewal Quote Joke from Arian Flux

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On 06/06/2018 at 16:43, Mainframe said:

Aviva here: after a total loss my fault last year, Esure sure enough put my premium up by 1200 GBP to 1600GBP😡. Posssibly taking them to Ombudsman on write valuation, and then winning, didn't help my cause, so they priced me out.


Aviva offered 20% discount through work, and I ended up paying 366GBP this year, same cover, full accident disclosure etc.  


Pays to shop around.


Also with Aviva and a list of mods and a JB4 and just under £400 so not so bad.

they have been very good in the claims department.

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Currently with Adrian Flux. Thankfully only for the next couple of weeks. Had a horrendous experience with these last year. Already told them I would not renew with them if they offered free insurance. 


Cheap for for a reason. 

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