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Recaro sportster CS ?


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Hi all long time lurker infrequent poster. 


So so I managed to get a set of the above seats for a decent price. 


I have been been told several stories regarding the passenger occupancy sensor. 


As the seats dont don't come with airbags I can simply turn this function off with VCDS. 


Now do I need to retrofit a passenger occupancy sensor or can this be simply coded out? 


Any help much appreciated 👍🏻


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Well it would appear if you have standard cloth interior the switch is very easy. 


The occupancy sensor can be removed from the base of the seat. 


Got it to pick some bolts up tomorrow and should be in tomorrow, just need to code out the seat airbag. 😁


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2 hours ago, Jon R306 said:

Look the bomb in a 3 door white R 1f60e.png1f60e.png


Exactly what I thought!

Only problem is that I’ll loose my creature comfort heated seats unless there’s an option for that?


Lovely looking seat....found some at Demon Tweeks for £1066

I assume you’ll need to buy the Recaro seat runners / frame?


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Picked them up second hand on eBay with recaro runners. 


Read a lot of posts regarding retrofitting these. 


Not as hard as I thought with keeping the occupancy sensor. 

The occupancy sensor is located to the underside of the seat foam so that's easy to change out. It can be removed without taking seat apart. 


I only need to code code out the seat airbags with VCDS. Should all function without throwing lights. 


I think if you have heated seats it wouldn't be too difficult to swap this also but I think this is where I got confused. I think the heated seats have a control unit mounted to the underside of the seat. The control unit and and heated parts I priced up were around £130 a seat.


hopefully get time over the weekend to get these in.  







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3 hours ago, vw671 said:

Can you get the part number off the occupancy sensor?

I had it earlier in the week VW gave me a  price for the sensor. Think it was £28.


bit dark and needs a clean out will get better pics up.  Need to sort seat airbag light when I sus that out it's either coding or a resistor. Will update when I figure it out. 





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