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Batch’s Tornado Red 7.5R Wagon

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2 hours ago, gazza5 said:

Just been reading this thread, what a journey!


I very nearly went for red myself, but got lease special white instead.


Keep up the good work!

Thanks Gazza! 

Yeah the only things I added were the paint and Dynaudio. Mad to spec one of these cars up too much!

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9 hours ago, Norm4n said:

What’s going on with your front camber? 


Guessing you don’t have any adjustability 

The Kwik-Fit I went to didn’t have the tools to adjust the front subframe so camber couldn’t be played with much, although I’m not overly concerned about that measurement being what it is. I’ll get that tweaked a bit when I can.

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Quick spot of engine bay enhancement this morning - Racingline replacement hose to run under the R600.











Totally unnecessary but looks much neater!

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Took a trip up to see Eugene of EZM (ezmods.co) today for a few little visual tweaks - front badge tinted, redid the black wrap on the chrome grille bars and he used my car as a template for reflector smoke decals for the 7.5 wagon, which I really like...




Thinking of putting a very light tint on the rear lights but if I do I’ll revert to the OEM boot emblem to avoid looking too OTT.

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    • By podpod
      hey guys i am experiencing a vibration at speed 70+ to 77 Mph as mentioned on @Scanner  thread who seems to have the same problem... 
      as quoted "the car has on a few occasions had a strong vibration throughout the cabin when travelling at 70-85 mph.  Seems to happen on very well surfaced roads and is less noticeable on rougher surfaces"
      but now as my plot thickens i feel it deserves its own thread.
      long story short is i have a 2019 estate 
      PAN ROOF
      current wheels fitted are a set of brand new RV019's with ps4's, i have attempted to balance the wheels 3 times my next step was to get road force balance but i didn't get a chance to, so decided to let VW have a look.
      below is an extract of the techs video report, can anyone give advice on what they think it may be, surely not all 4 of my wheels are not buckled i've probably only done 800 miles on them, does this look like a wheel bearing problem??
    • By andyc77
      New to the forum and Golf R ownership ( have to say I wish i`d brought one years ago ) and I`ve just had the OEM rear badge camera installed as was not installed from new. Factory spec had park pilot.  No issues with the reverse camera and seems to be the high line version so very happy with that however when using for the front it just disables video rather then use the park pilot option.  I still get audible prompt and a smaller version of the car but missing the guidelines. Is it possible to have both or have I had a wrong rear camera version installed ? Appreciate any advise - obviously a minor gripe with it being front but haven`t spent a fair amount to get installed I like to get fixed if possible.

    • By BobbyT
      Just starting a thread for my estate. Not going crazy as I'm quite happy with the power at the mo. Not sure if I'll really get to use the power it has now very often.
      I'm absolutely loving the car so far. It's so good to drive and seems to have limitless grip through the corners. It really doesn't feel like an estate.
      The spec I went for was the Oryx paint, Dynaudio, reverse cam, climate screen and black mirrors and bars.
      The standard tech on the car is great.
      I have some new wheels to go on once I ship them back from the states and I'd like to lower it little in the future.

      Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
    • By a3scott20
      Modding List Update - June 04 2019 Edited
      -TurboTechnics V5 Turbo
      -RacingLine R600 Intake System
      -TurboTechnics LHD Intake Pipe
      -RacingLine Oil Catch Can System
      -APR Intercooler System
      -APR Silicone Boost Hoses
      -APR Cast Downpipe (removed & swapped to de-cat downpipe)
      -APR Catback Exhaust System (removed & swapped to stock catback)
      -APR HPFP
      -PagParts Walbro 525 LPFP
      -Aquamist HFS4 Meth System Direct Port Injection
      -LiteBlox LB26XX LiFePO4 Lightweight Battery
      -United Motorsport Haldex Tune
      -TVS Engineering TCU DQ381 Stage3 Tune
      -HurricaneSport ECU Stage3 Tune
      -Corbeau RRS Seats
      -BFI DSG Knob
      -LEYO DSG Shift Paddle
      -AEM Boost Gauge
      -Aquamist Meth Flow Gauge
      -KW DCC
      -Eibach Front & Rear Sway bar
      -Alcon Car89 Brake System 380mm Discs
      -Rear 370mm Discs upgrade
      -Maxton Design Full Body Kit
      Hello everyone,
      This is Scott from Taiwan 😀 I am here since January but was just lurking around and watching everybody's build thread.
      After 4 months waiting, dealer told me the car has finally arrived and asked me if I would like to see the car before the official pick-up date, it was really excited for me so I went to the dealer....
      Car Spec: LapizBlue | 7-Speed DSG (DQ381) | DCC | Dynaudio | Pretonia |ACC





      My previous car is AUDI A3 Sportback 2.0T FWD DSG, and was running Pagpart's EFR7163 big turbo kit that made 530WHP & 660NM. The reason I got rid of my 7163 A3 is because I would like to play something different but AWD car, running big power 530WHP on a FWD car was really really terrible once WOT, kind of scary to drive the car at that time.



    • By Rtaff
      Hello VWROC
      Can anyone help?  I'm new to this forum so don't know if I'm doing this correct!
      I've got a post WLTP Mk7.5 'R' Estate on order and I need some advice on the exhaust system...
      I want pops and bangs on the override and downshifts I want DSG farts I want Akrapovic style tips (more subtle than horrible oval chrome tips) I don't want drone when town/city driving  
      What should I do, where do I start?
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