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On 08/02/2020 at 13:31, Dan1982 said:

Just realised I didn’t add the pictures Of the latest mods 










Looks mint 👌🏻
Can’t wait to start modding the outside of mine!

Where did you get the MK7.5 infotainment and virtual dash fitted?

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22 hours ago, Dan1982 said:

Not really done many external mods just a dechrome and 7.5 rear lamps and side indicators.  I’m a tech at a dealer Fitted the dash, infotainment and the 7.5 rear lamps myself.  

Ah fair enough, is the dash and infotainment coding something that can be done with VCDS do you know? Or is it something I would need to take to a specialist to get working?

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    • By Bazzy200
      I bought a used car with an automatic transmission (DSG) a few days ago. It has 245k km on it.
      Today while driving I realized that DSG seems to be slipping when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear. It revs a bit higher before shifting. It revs like 100-300rpm higher and then shifts. I also hear it from the engine when it revs higher. I tested the DSG in M mode and it shifts perfectly without revving
      Higher than expected. What could possibly be cousing this?
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      I have a set of 19" OEM Pretoria black alloy wheels on my car which I would like to swap for OEM Pretoria hyper silver wheels.
      (Mine only 2 scuff marks but I have wheel insurance so I will get repaired before swapping)
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    • By Mattalica10
      Hello all, 
      I am stage 1 ECU/TCU tuned with R-Tech and the gearbox is acting a little strange when I hit the loud pedal. Sometimes when I boot it in 1st, it climbs through the rev range and wants to hesitate when changing into second gear and holds back for a split second, then changes gear and off it goes through the rev range like nothings wrong. Its also done this a couple of times going from 2nd to 3rd. This is usually done in Race mode and gearbox in S. Both manual and auto mode. 
      Any one come across this type of thing before?
      Also when plodding around car parks or town, when i'm at around 2-10mph it likes to increase up on the revs all on its own when coasting. Only very marginal but it likes to 'hang on' (best way to describe it). Quite a difficult one to explain, but if you've encountered the same thing, you'll know exactly what im on about. 
      All advice welcome, Cheers. 
    • By holtii
      Had my new Golf R for almost 2 weeks now, after a disastrous delivery and almost wanting to send the car back because the one they dropped off was missing the keyless and also had no reversing camera fitted which is now standard I believe, but I could not wait or be without a car so I accepted it. Since then I have been struggling to love it, I came from a Scirocco R so not much of a step up to be honest, in some ways it feels 'cheaper' 
      A couple of questions I have is does the thing really require running in? 
      I've put some CM wheels Pretorias on but at motorway speed and 80mph+ the vibration in the front seats is terrible like my wheels are not balanced even though they have been, how can I stop this ?
      Also I hate the soundaktor, but being a WLTP car it only pops on the overrun when in race mode on 'engine sound' selection, I have tried in individual to set it to eco but still be in race on the drive select but then it no longer pops on overrun, is this normal ?
    • By Hassleheff
      67 plate DSG R is short shifting in manual from 3rd to 4th at around 4,500 rpm intermittently. 
      Master tech at local VW dealer took car out, experienced the fault and immediately said it was an issue / error and that diagnostics would have to be plugged in during one of these short shifts and the data 'sent off' to VW for them to advise. 
      Fast forward 2 weeks, the car is in, master tech is on holiday, another technician is handling the car.  After 3 days I call and they say VW have said:
      1: It is a normal traction control feature.
      2: The technician didn't send off any data that included a short shift, just general gearbox diagnostics data during a normal run.
      I now seem like the bad guy with the local dealer for suggesting the technician hasn't done what the master technician asked to be done and 2, I am being told that a short shift in manual is a perfectly normal safety feature?
      Advice on both would be appreciated. If I am wrong I am wrong, just want to know. 
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