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disguising a golf r

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1 hour ago, Gavras said:

To add to the above.


the majority of cars are stolen for parts, these parts are either sold (Gum tree or car forums) or more likely used to repair insurance write off vehicles, with the write off being sold.


if you look at types of cars stolen in West Midlands, invariably they are family cars and nothing special, yes high performance will attract more attention, possibly due to more fuckwits crashing them and fuelling write off repairs..


a few minutes scrolling down the West Midlands Stolen car page shows how much variation there is.





its far more important to make you house harder to get in to, lock snapping and pvc burning is the usual method, protect against them and you vastly improve chance of you car NOT being stolen.


a mate had his S3 stolen recently, his locks where snapped, even though he knew about attempt at my car and I had sent him link for ultion / avocet. His excuse? He was busy and meant to order them.


utterly pointless trying to disguise a Golf R, it would likely just get stolen for parts to help repair another car (possibly an even R).


All good points.


When I moved house 3 years ago I had my S3. Front door changed and all locks changed to anti snap. Not a big believer in CCTV, not a deterrent in my opinion. My Mrs has a keyless GTI so key goes in faraday bag and my R goes in the garage (if it’s not full of his toys). The house has a decent alarm. 


The mrs and I are very pragmatic about the possibility of being burgled. The only things we care about are the hard drives with photos on (well hidden away) and my watch (declared on insurance for replacement).


The only game changer is if we were car jacked with little man in the car. 


Happened to a friend.... threw his keys as far as he could, the three lads didn’t know what to do and just ran off after a very short struggle.

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The criminals probably already know where the decent cars are located and their specs, so trying to disguise the 'R' is probably a waste of time.  On the Facebook forums people sometimes get their cars nicked within a couple of days of purchasing them.  If theft is the issue then better home security is probably the better option.  The 'R' would make a great sleeper, but the quad exhaust rather gives it away.  You would need a custom backbox fabricated to replace it although the R-line diffusers will fit the 7R so you have a choice of a single twin or even a single pipe version.

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DVLA allowing a simple 30s check via the reg number f*cks up any chance of disguising an R or other car.

Just make it as hard as possible to take in the first place and they’ll go elsewhere 

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14 hours ago, SpursMadDave said:

Always going to divide opinion this one... each to own and all that as always emoji106.png

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Yep always divides opinion.


in one camp - 🐑


In the other - 🐴


(I could not find the other half of the horse, or is it a donkey)



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19 minutes ago, SpursMadDave said:

But is it a manual Pony and do you run it on 99 hay?

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you should know all ponies are manual.


whereas majority of horses are sports autos.


99 hay is still open to debate, handicap rules may apply.


only the likes of Shires and Clydesdales run the dirty stuff.


Not even going in to those insurance jobs, you know the Mules and Hinnys... shocking really.

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