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On 19/05/2018 at 08:57, belfast col said:

Welcome Ryan and another Norn Iron owner by the looks of it. Great top photo by the way!

Donaghadee harbour was the location for that! Planning to retake it once I get my private reg on!

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5 hours ago, YP80 said:

Looks great Ryan. Red looks fantastic in the flesh - other R owners always comment how good it looks at meets

Sounds good to me, love a compliment I do 😂

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    • By sibrahim10
      Owner of a 7.5R, Auto
      When i turn the car off, when the key is taken out of the ignition I get an 'Error Esc' message with the esc sign of the car with the skid marks. 
      Does anyone know what causes this and if it means there is an actual problem with my Esc? It has done it about 2 or 3 times in the last month, I have not had any issues with traction or anything, but today it was slightly wet and when giving the car some power the front wheels really started to struggle for traction a bit higher up the rev range and the Esc light would flash. 
      Could this be an issue with my haldex system? car is  a 2017, 7.5R with 16000 miles, due to have first haldex service in june (3 year point)
      Any replies greatly appreciated. 
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      So, as I have written on here before. My gearbox works fine but epc and engine light are on with fault code “Lost communication to TCM”. This is very unlikely an actual problem as the gearbox works perfectly fine. Anyways, could any of you recommend anyone who could code the gearbox in for me or Could any of you (living around the Manchester, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire region) Code it in for me. If you know prices of anyone leave them on here. 

      Thank you. 
    • By smokeR
      Evening folks,
      Just home from picking up the new car, looking forward to learning some tips  from you guys n girls. Going great so far! Coming from an Bmw M240 is was worried it wouldnt quite 'be enough' but its a totally different beast. The way it corners and launches.... makes me smile from ear to ear. 
      Couple of pics while clean! 

    • By KrisG
      Hey guys.
      Any good repair shops around Toronto area that specialize in WV?
      Just asking in case I need some work done on my Golf R.  The warranty is almost done so I'll be looking for some private places for any future repairs/diagnostics.
    • By Bazzy200
      I bought a used car with an automatic transmission (DSG) a few days ago. It has 245k km on it.
      Today while driving I realized that DSG seems to be slipping when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear. It revs a bit higher before shifting. It revs like 100-300rpm higher and then shifts. I also hear it from the engine when it revs higher. I tested the DSG in M mode and it shifts perfectly without revving
      Higher than expected. What could possibly be cousing this?
      Here is a video while it does it:
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