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    • By Domzi_7.5r
      Hello guys, im new here, i wanna introduce my car, I bought him a month ago. It's all stock on car, only thing is  that I change my wheels from 19'' Spielberg to 19'' Pretorias, and put DSG paddle, also for sure I'm gonna put new exhaust system like milltek or akrapovic but step by step. Any suggestion from you guys which changes I should make ?
      Here is one pic of my car

    • By LUG
      So, with the current details available to us, what are your current thoughts or intentions towards purchasing a MK8 Golf?
      Are you a dead cert to pick up a model at some point, undecided or disappointed on whats on offer?
      It would be good to see what the current general consensus is.
    • By Robt26
      Hi all, just got a 2020 Golf R and after some simple instructions on how to activate launch control!?
    • By guy9159
      So I'm deciding whether to buy a 2015 MK7 Golf R white for £17,400 with 29k miles (private) OR 'Approved Used' 2015 Lapiz Blue MK7 Golf R for £19,100 with 12k miles.
      The approved used one is from a dealer so it comes with 12 months warranty which I would've bought (extended warranty for a year) so it saves me ~£630.
      All the other MK7 Golf Rs I can see for sale are around £18,000 for 2015 with 30-40k mileage and £19,000 for 2016 models with roughly the same mileage.
      I will be selling the car in a years time so I'm not too sure which one to go for? This might be a dumb Q but does mileage outweigh the reg/production year even if the car is lower mileage than the 2016 higher mileage? I will probably do max 7000 miles in the year. 
      Also, if the Used Approved ones are ex-demos should I avoid them??
      Been looking for quite a while so would appreciate your suggestions- many thanks!
    • By Ewansilver00
      Hi all have had a rear differential oil leak and have noticed it’s from this small hole in the rear diff was wondering if it’s a breather hole for the rear diff but was wondering if there should be a pipe or something there to stop the oil from coming out

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