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Hi - New owner needing help

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Hi All,


Im really hoping someone can help.


Yesterday i bought a 2010 VW GOLF R MK 6 AUTO DSG. When going for a test drive and inspecting the car it all seemed fine.


My first issue came when i dropped my friend off that came with me. As i was leaving his driveway, i went to put it in reverse and at that point it gave me an error with an exclamation mark saying gearbox was overheated. I turned the car off and then started it again and seemed fine. I reversed out and went home. At some stage i got a solid engine light appear on my dash.


Today, i dropped my mum off somewhere and when putting it in reverse, it wouldnt select the gear and let me reverse, nor would it let me select drive either. I restarted the car and that seemed to then let me reverse and select my gears. At this point the engine light was still showing.


I took the car to my mechanic to do a check of the car as i just got it and to show this issue i was having. As i was driving to my mechanic, about 15 hours after the initial light appeared, the light went away by itself. He ran the OBD scans throughout the whole car and only found one code - "P2711 - Unexpected / Implausible Mechanical Gear Disengagement", which was cleared because he checked the DSG and it seemed fine as the drive is smooth and the oil was good. We also discovered it could be from aggressive driving which i dont believe i was doing as i have been taking it easy.


When i got home, i went to the gym awhile later, as i was trying to reverse out of my driveway, the same issue occurred where it wouldnt select reverse or any other gear so i had to restart the car to get it to select reverse and the light is appearing again.


Im really not sure what is happening at this point and starting to think this may be a gearbox issue after all.


Is anyone able to shed some light on this?


Kindest Regards,

Liborio - Sydney

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I was perhaps hoping it was Trade and then at least you could return to the garage for them to fix issue! As it was a private sale, you have little support. As for diagnosis, I am not that familiar yet with these as only a 3 week old owner myself. Someone with bags more knowledge will surely respond.
Hope it sorts itself

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