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New 2 group looking for Mk6 golf r

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36 minutes ago, Dyson87 said:

Thanks dude hopefully find one lol coming hard to find these days currently got a Leon cupra r at the mo had her 6 years now time for 4wd now 


Dudeess.  😁


Not exactly slumming it at the moment then, but the 4WD is a massive plus. 

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13 minutes ago, Dyson87 said:

He's had a change of heart I believe and want to keep her hopefully he might get back to me I've left my number with him 



Yeah sorry about that just had text back from him came to his senses in time too nicer a Car to part with lol Think Ironside (Ian's) https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/1382-ironsides-r/  Old Car Might be available but could be above your budget as think the new owner whats about £22K Mega spec (£40K List) and only done about 15000 Miles 


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