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Alloy Wheel thread , show me what you've got !!

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2 minutes ago, Bodyboarder81 said:

how much mate ( mods don’t string me up please 😂


what’s the spec of them ? 


LOL - If you grab the Neuspeeds BB, would you be interested in a chat about your wheels? 😄

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Can I play?    OZ Ultraleggera HLT   Tyres are 235/35/R19. Wheels 19 x 8.5J not sure about ET. I'll find out. Will be putting 255/30/R19 tyres on the front soon. The car is on Bils

coming up soon..         

New thread for members to easily find photos and sizes of aftermarket alloys , please quote  the sizes and also any suspension mods  or spacers that you may have done  Thanks  Daz  

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1 minute ago, bneh said:


Thanks NRW - The struggle is real 😄

I love the Pretoria look. I think they are great on an R so specced them when buying new.   Mine are still unmarked🤞🤞🤞 and alive not had any problems.  I do nearly soil when I hit a pothole tho and the thought of replacement cost is frightening. 
There are Replicas - CM - easily available but  also loads of others that look like or ??even better than Pretorias, well worth a close look if/when they come up for sale.

Keep your eyes out!👏

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@bneh As Neil (NRW) says above Ben, wheels frequently come up for sale in the forum Classifieds section, and that’s where forum member need to sell them on here.  Once you reach 25 posts the full Classifieds sections will be viewable and accessible to you, below 25 and you can only see a very limited Classifieds section, so keep posting and you’ll get there. 👍

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23 hours ago, Booth11 said:

Oem Prets in oem silver (Blue Chrome) and Deep Black Pearl are the oem match made in heaven.  😍

Mine escaped buckling over the course of the 5.5 years so it can be done.  😄

Course I’m biased, I still miss my Prets a lot.  




Utterly stunning, Rebecca! That's broadly the look I'm striving to replicate.

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3 hours ago, bneh said:


Utterly stunning, Rebecca! That's broadly the look I'm striving to replicate.

Thank you.  It’s a good look imo. 😄  Now a memory for me as now in a Lapiz mk8R with Estorils.  

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