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Infuriating Dealers


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Lets hope VW warranty service is better than BMW.


Took car in yesterday for some warranty investigation:


1. Cooling/hybrid fans making a bearing/generator type noise when driven on electric for a while or after a long journey

2. Boot doesn't always shut properly and more often than not bounces back up

3. Engine surging when swapping between electric drive and petrol as if the clutch isn't fully engaged meaning a split second of free revving and no acceleration which is very disconcerting when trying to make a quick pull away

4. Tail pipes totally corroded


They had the car at 8am yesterday and they have just phoned me:


1.  Unable to replicate the issues - coolant levels check on both engine and electric motors - all ok

2. Boot operation is fine, there is a box in the boot which could be obstructing

3. This is normal operation with the torque vectoring of the drive from one to another

4.  Tailpipes are dirty - needs cleaning with metal polish



My response


1. I have a video of this which I can email over - Car hasn't even been driven, charged up or taken off site to test (have checked on BMW connected app to see if car has moved or been charged)

2.  Box being in boot has no relevance to boot lid operation, doesn't impede on the lid whatsover and does it when it isn't in boot

3.  So a normal operation makes the car dangerous to drive when the battery level is depleted?

4.  The pipes are clean, I cleaned it Sunday afternoon and have put countless different products on it to clean it - they are corroded simple as that.


So they now have the video and I am awaiting a call back!



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12 hours ago, Pinky1959 said:

Go to the manager and state you are not happy they havent done any repair especially as they had car all day.

I did - what really got me was the "extended test drive" on the report.  Thats when I told them the car hadn't been off site.  I also have a navman tracker on the car (company car and due to the nature of the business I work for) so will ask the fleet manager to get the logs off that if they give me the run around.  I went back away with the courtesy car after wasting 45 min of my time at the dealer and then having to sit in all the rush hour traffic then on the way home!

1 hour ago, Shug said:

didn’t get this, then realised was in “other marques”


Doubt you’ll get far with tail pipes, how dirty / corroded are they


I mean I hope VW warranty is better as I have an issue with my temperature gauge being stuck (post in Mk7 chat) so can see me having to take it in for them to say it needs a new instrument cluster when I already know this to have it booked back in for a new instrument cluster.....each round trip is 70 miles.

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