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What did you do to your R today?


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Taken the idea from a couple of different forums I've been a member of over the years. Interesting to see what people do to their R's on a day to day basis, whether this be modifications, a long trip, a particularly nice, a frustrating commute... 



I've not done anything to mine (since I don't own one) but I may be pulling the trigger on one in the next few days... 


Your turn... 


GO. 👍

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Defended its honour against my Mrs and daughter. They both think it looks boring and that I should have downsized to a 3 Series. I tried (in vain) to explain its Jekyll and Hyde nature and that the estate was one of the best cars on the market for its mix of performance, practicality, price and fun. They don't really get the fun aspect and think I only like it because it farts. 

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9 minutes ago, Booth11 said:

Always a popular thread on other forums.  There was a thread started ages ago but it never got off the ground on this forum!  Hopefully this one will have more take up. 👍




Aye, the one I'm currently on within the Focus ST forum, has 1000+ pages and seems to be going strong!

Contributions people!

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20 minutes ago, Charles M said:

Actually, because of my admission on the thread about the broken bonnet catch that I had never opened the bonnet in the 4 months that I have owned the car, I popped the bonnet and topped up the washer fluid. 


4 months! Could be a good sign though! 👍

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