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What did you do to your R today?

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Have it a long overdue wash.                  

Well I couldn't wait to clean the car for pics in the end.. I'm absolutely chuffed with how they look. Was worried about the grey on grey to begin with but I am very happy.    

Fitted my wingbacks today 👌

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drove to Wales and back over the weekend (worthing to swansea), managed to get 446 miles out of my tank, so was pleased with that!


Then had a service at my local VW. Part of the service plan that came with the car. Was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. First time using a main dealer for many moons (previously did servicing myself or used indi's). Turns out my waterpump thermostat thingy is leaking, so its booked in for a replacement under warranty. 


Otherwise the car is running smooth. its a joy to own!

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1 hour ago, SRW said:

Quite like this, not sure if the 'pencil moustache' link was meant in good humour or not, but it suits your black car 👍


Thanks, wasn’t sure if it would be “lost” on a black car but now I’ve fitted it I’m very pleased with it (I’ve taken ‘pencil moustache’ in good humour!!)

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2 hours ago, Penguin said:

Winter wheels fitted.  I really do prefer the silver Prets (CM reps) that I use for Winter vs the OE Cadiz.  I might get myself a 2nd pair of rep Prets when the tyres need replacing...


Also toying with a Scorpion resonated cat-back system whilst the BF discounts are active.🤔

Winter ready Penguin!  Prets are such a beautiful wheel.  I like the Estorils a lot but do miss Prets (the oem silver ones).  The sturdier CM ones are a great choice for winter, good balance of aesthetics and robustness. 

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