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What did you do to your R today?

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Well i did buy the car just to drive it but for some reason it's got under my skin like my early fast Ford's.


As the car was immaculate when i picked it up even my OCD couldn't find fault until the salesman said all he would do is paint the rusty hubs...i thought no more of it until i joined  here and now i am painting just the rear's today and tomorrow(I don't have a trolley jack anymore so one corner per day)


This is just after the first coat so i will give a light sand and a second coat after 4 hours and then replace the wheel which i have already cleaned up on the inside.


I can't decide yet on the front's as i may go clubsport discs but will probably end up painting them next weekend.


Pictures or it didn't happen as they say and my helper.









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Have it a long overdue wash.                  

Well I couldn't wait to clean the car for pics in the end.. I'm absolutely chuffed with how they look. Was worried about the grey on grey to begin with but I am very happy.    

Had the R lowered and my wheels fitted.      

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Just now, MJC1216 said:

One down...the other rear one tomorrow then decide about the front and clubsport discs.


Very rewarding for little money.




Great job so far.  So much better is an understatement!  It’s such a cheap and easy improvement and lifts the whole look of the wheels. 

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8 hours ago, AHG said:

Put my year-old Lockwood door sill protector

(Thank you @Booth11 for helping with those)


3 out of the 4 went on really nice and great

driver’s one didn’t go so well unfortunately 

had to rip it off and reposition but the tape

still feels a bit loose on one side


If it moves, rattles or comes off

I’ll rip it off again and re-tape with new adhesive


Bit I do love the way it looks

and protects the door sills

(already kicked it coming in twice)






Just got the car a couple of days ago

equipped the boot as I envisioned it in those 15 months

Foam organizer, spare tyre, liner, net, all nice and tidy.





Also put some seat belt sleeve for the back seat

(to avoid the belt from cutting into necks)





Got to love a tidy boot!  

I think I need some a belt sleeve for my drivers’ side as the belt does seem to rub unlike the one in my mk7, despite trying different positions for seatbelt height adjuster and seat position. 

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Thank you



as per belt, I use the lowest position, and in the front I’m fine, but back seats have the best coming out near the headrest, so it goes for the neck.


as long as it’s above shoulder height, It’s safe.


here is the sleeve I bought:


(notice you can put it on in two directions, one would have the Velcro and the other smooth fabric, the second should be aimed to your neck)




also got this little cup holder trash can

to keep the cockpit tidy as well



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