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I’ve had a couple of lease cars the central UK vehicle leasing and been more than happy.


However my current R estate was direct through VW. 


Its worth asking/googling a specific lease deal as you will generally find who is the supplying dealer. In our case the GTI and our previous GTD were both supplied by Cardiff VW. These were stupid cheap, £2.4k down £107 a month for GTI £140 for GTD. 


I contacted them direct when I wanted to order my R and they could do it and you don’t have to find admin fee. Then a quick google found a local dealer (VW Stockport) were doing same R estate lease deal so ordered with them so I could collect it.

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I had a Cupra from Leasing options, they are good but just seem to be a broker, because they sorted me a car from leaseplan in the end,


Lease plan are very good, i paid maintenance and they replaced the tyres, had the windows switch repaired when it broke, the only quibble i had was that if im paying maintenance they send you off to get your car serviced at some back street garage. 

One of these back street garages told me something they shouldn't have and i put in a serious complaint to leaseplan and they was not happy too and an investigation followed.

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