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MK8 Mild hybrid system

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Lots of info is now out there on what this Mild Hybrid system actually is, and unfortunately it's not what people think.


This is not a performance boosting system, well maybe 10hp for off the line but that's about it.


The electric motor will not produce very much, this is a starter motor like mild hybrid system, it's main purpose is to allow extended coasting, more start stop with instant power on for restart....and hence get MPG up (and emissions down).


The motor is a BAS system (Belt Alternator Starter) - it will replace the alternator, starter, 12 battery and will also be a generator. Its a low power 48v system as per on the new Audi A8. Looking at manufacturers such as continental who produce these systems and will be supplying VW, they have a peak output of 15kw for short periods which is only 20HP, start power is a low as 5HP.


To quote a recent article on motor1.com...


'Getting back to the mild hybrid system, VW mentions it will give the new Golf an electric boost upon startup by providing extra torque once the driver fires up the engine. The generator’s power is channeled through a belt and the combustion engine is actually turned on by that generator. VW explains the entire system is being developed as to switch off the engine "as much as possible while the vehicle is moving – in a barely perceptible way.”

In regards to the 48-volt lithium-ion battery pack, its role is to feed the starter generator with the necessary voltage, while the regular 12-volt power supply gets the required voltage from the DC/DC converter. The system will benefit from an energy recovery system, so it will be possible to charge the battery on the go while the car is slowing down.'




That's the battery pack right there - it's tiny. This is not intended for any real performance boost. It will get you moving and that's about it. It's main purpose is for coasting and start stop efficiency as well as some energy recovery.


One good thing is this will add very little (if any) weight overall. You will gain some weight savings by not having a starter motor and this all in one system replacing the alternator as well. The 48v system also replaces the 12v battery, the smaller box in that picture is the DC-DC converter for 12v power.


More info on this system VW will be using in the Mk8 can be found here:





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The E 53 Mercedes range which has recently been launched has this type of system. My reason for referring to the EA888 plus an electric motor in your previous thread comes from reading what Skoda are doing with the 2019 Superb following the Golf GTE using the 1.4TSI ACT engine and an electric motor to give a combined 215hp. My 'theory' for the MK8 is the 300ps engine plus an electric motor rather than the mild hybrid EQ type set-up. Maybe a 340ps mild hybrid is more realistic reading what Audi are doing. Time will tell.......

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Mk8 has already been confirmed to be a 48v MHEV system....it won't be something like the GTE which is a full hybrid system, and no way will they be putting that heavy lump in a golf R. Full electric motor requires the special multi-multi-clutch gearbox used on the GTE - very expensive and heavy.


The Mk8 is almost certainly going to be a VW 'tock' rather than a 'tick'....i.e. it will be akin to the differences between a Mk5 & Mk6 - same platform/chassis, tweaked engines and a bit of a cosmetic facelift.


You will get some minor cosmetic changes, the majority of new kit will be just whats already been seen in the latest incarnations across the range (think Touareg full digital dash).


Most of the upgrades that went into the facelift 7.5 is what you will see in the Mk8 - from the DQ381 7 Speed DSG, digital cockpits and enhanced versions of lane assist (now traffic jam assist) allowing for semi-autonomous driving at low speeds and adaptive LED lighting. All this will now just be rolled out across the whole Mk8 range.


The only real new thing you will see is the MHEV system.

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On 05/02/2019 at 11:00, JonSW said:

Reports are out that VW is ditching the mild hybrid on the Mk8 GTi. Not sure if this is relevant to their plans for the Mk8 R




Now seems to be confirmed, so the new R will presumably follow the same basic setup + extra tweak of the engine + 4WD?




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