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Alright guys, I know it won’t be cheap but what sort of money we looking at for a forged engine? 

Running stage 3 currently and would like to track the car without knowing it’ll go bang! 


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So many variables with this one Graham as it's completely specification driven.


Could be anything ranging from £3k to £10k + but most I've heard of average out circa £5k-£6k.


Also depends how you have the work done in terms of using your existing engine as a donor or some companies offer a fully forged built unit in exchange for your old unit so minimises time off the road. I've heard these at circa £5k all in.


If you get a specialist to do it you will need to consider a company to remove the engine, deliver it to engine builder, recover it and put it all back together again which will be at least £2k. Specialist builder won't waste his time with that side of affairs.


When you've sussed all that lot out it's then a case of who can you trust to carry out the works.


Mine for example had a lot of head work done to it which has proven difficult to map because it reacts completely different to stock and needs serious R&D to get right which most won't be interested in and I'm still working on it over a year later.


Personally as engines are so cheap these days and if your not to precious about maintaining some form of originality you could just get a new unit if and when it fails as these are only a few thousand pounds now I believe so when you weigh it up.


Just enter with your mind open if you do decide to go forged as it doesn't stop problems from still occuring.




Damian Mac Donagh


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