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    • By ellixtt
      I haven’t used my OBDEleven in a few months but went to try it and got a “Device is not authorised” message every time I was trying to connect and couldn’t find much help online
      Went on the in app message section under the help tab and I was asked for proof of purchased (bought from them via eBay) and was told my device has now been authorised!
      Not sure why they have done this but may help any others out there.
    • By ellixtt
      So I own a 7R and have driven a S3, both felt pretty similar to drive but the Audi steering feeling a bit vague IMO
      Has anyone driven the Cupra 300? If so how does the driving feel compared to the S3 & R? I have only seen 2 on the road in person.
      I know they are all virtually the same car underneather and just tarted up but would be interesting to hear about the driving feel, I’m sure I can remember reading the seat has sharper handling.
      The interior on the seat though 🤢🤢😂 but I suppose you get what you pay for... For me the S3 saloon exterior is king but I prefer the Golf interior layout far more but it’s without question that the Audi is the better quality interior.
    • By Balal_R
      Hi All,
      I bought a Golf MK6 R 3 weeks ago and the buttons on the fobs were temperamental. Both worked at the same time when they did work. Both stopped working at the same time when they didn't work.
      I took it into VW. They said I had a non-genuine key and a genuine key and could only proceed if they were working with two genuine keys with the same part numbers. Fair play I said. I'm keeping the car long term and don't mind buying a genuine key.
      Bought a new key today. Had two original keys coded to the car today and the buttons on both keys still don't work. They simply unlock the car manually and start the car as was always the case.
      I've had enough of VW using this case as a tickbox exercise. They're now asking me to pay another £60 for diagnostic from this point onwards.
      Now knowing that the aftermarket key was working fine is a bit annoying as it has been a waste of time buying a new key.
      Does ANYONE have any idea as to how I should be dealing with this?
      FYI - The comfort control module behaves as it should when i turn the ignition on. i.e. Lights come on - doors unlock etc. This makes me think the CCM is just fine but i could be wrong.
      What else could it be? A cut wire? the immobiliser box? But the immobiliser disengages when I start the car.
      If there any specialists you know that have experience with this matter then by all means, pass on their details. Based in Manchester
      Kind regards,
    • By Has7rr
      Hi guys , im new to the forum.
      I have a mk7 golf r and i am currently running a jb4 with a resonator delete, vwr600 intake , silicone hose and turbo inlet elbow from racingline. 
      I would like to get a downpipe next ,but im not sure as to which would be the best for not throwing any cel lights up.
      Do you need a sports cat such as the bcs 200cell cat or can you just purchase a a downpipe without  the cat.
      Cheers for any help in advance.
    • By samx300
      Seeking decent independent VAG specialist garages around Sunbury/Feltham/Staines/Twickenham/Heathrow areas. Car (not my 7R) is out of warranty and I do not trust main dealers and will avoid them at all costs (due to past experiences).

      I tried searching the forum for existing threads on recommended indy garages but it returned 0 results. I then moved to Google and found a few in the area, just wondered if anyone had any experiences to share with these? Thanks in advance!
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