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Strange comparison...... R v R8

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I've also added an analogue NA car to my R. However funds limited to very late 56 registered ep3 civic type r premier. I know what Andrew Frankel means. I love both my R and old type r.

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I had a 2009 R8 for three years and it was a lovely thing to have had. I had silver with the carbon blades, 4.2 V8 manual and passive damping.

I bought it to scratch an itch for a ‘supercar’ as a mate of mine deals in that type of car and got me a cracking deal.

It was only ever going to be a weekend car and in year one I did 6,000 miles in it just at weekends. To start with the novelty of having a supercar was great, the speed, the fact it was one pretty much everyone loves (not like some Fezzas I understand).

The engine is a thing of beauty and ringing it’s neck to 8,500rpm was always a treat. The damping was, as said in the review, absolutely spot on and I never wished for DCC until resale time.

Year two saw the mileage drop to 3,000. Year three just over 1,000. Reason being that it was really an A to A car rather than something special to enjoy doing some of the more mundane weekend tasks. 20mpg was also an issue (and that was coasting, boot it and you can halve that) but the biggest issue was that after a while it just didn’t feel special anymore.

Being a manual (and wonderful it was just for the gear lever gate) the girlfriend hated it when you were on it because of the gaps in power when you change gear (not an issue from the drivers seat but try full bore acceleration in any non DSG car like that and it can be jarring). TTRS’s, RS3’s, M cars, they would all want to race you and that can get very silly very quickly.

To enjoy the cars handling at anywhere near its limit meant you might as well post your license straight to the DVLA and pootling around never felt right either. Oh, and it was way to quiet for my liking, only really giving anything back once you nailed it past 5,500rpm.

Maybe I got spoilt by having a 17 plate A6 Black Edition as a daily driver for my last year with it and the dash/dials/sat nav all just dated the R8’s badly.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I did it and I don’t have that itch anymore. In fact, oddly some of its quirks are what made me chose certain things in the R. Oh, and despite only being an Audi, all in, excluding depreciation I reckon it was around £1 per mile to run; gulp!!!

Still, not bad looking for a big TT (as I heard a lot)

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On 17/12/2018 at 19:49, BobbyT said:

Not sure you can compare a family hatch with an R8.... it's a bit random that they have similar performance. Worlds gone mad :D 


Wonder if they did the same comparison including servicing and new tyres?


Way back, when I was young, all my mates had XR2s or similar, and one guy bought an XJS for silly low money. Had it a couple of weeks and it needed a service - he had to sell it..😪

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