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Stage 2+ I'd Call it

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Hi all,


Booked in for my Stage 2+ with Unicorn. 


Hardware I currently have is


Littco L450 Turbo

Airtec Intercooler

Forge Intake

Turboback BCS Powervalve with 100 Cell Cat (Need to make another thread on this soon)

Turbo Muffler Delete


I'd call it Stage 2 plus as I don't need to upgrade fuel pumps on it which saves a bit of money (All coming from the guys at Littco, not being cheap and not upgrading them).


Car should be 450hp which is plenty (Been Stage 2 before but the turbo blew and put everything back to stock again in my panic)


Once the car has been dyno'd, I'll put the graph on here for you all to view :)

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