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OBDeleven error codes

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Scanned my R earlier, treated myself to an OBDeleven, these are the codes that have come up, I"m fully aware of the ACC one, the exhaust doors are because i dont run valves on my cat back, but what could the turbochargr bypass be, I recently fitted a turbosmart plumbback, would this cause the system to say its holding pressure well or have I not bolted it on right, any suggestions would be appreciated as this has sent my OCD wild7680135f0c9af6f46381daab7456f37f.jpg8960d8f742361cd0ff37ec272f6a425e.jpg0db181c18a3b56ab0a3668c9d6ead81e.jpg6de9b41fde265116770ad923c10d0a67.jpg


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