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Golf - now confirmed dead (new photos)

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Well as i began to see on other photo's and confirmed with these much more clearer photo's.


This is not a golf, its completely lost its golf shape, it looks more like a cross between a Passat and an Arteon. The long wheel base has killed the shape. It looks closer to a saloon than the iconic Golf shaped hatchback that's defined nearly every other hatchback. Just look at that massive front end, it overhangs more, the bonnet is longer and appears to bulge up as its been pulled down so far. The rear overhangs the back a bit more too. This thing is going to struggle to fit in some garages and parking spaces!


It's not a golf, the golf is dead :(







Also whose idea was it to put that pearl necklace on the rear! :shocked:

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I do observe hints of BMW, Jag and Subaru from various angles. Maybe the design grows on people but from first impressions, its' not as iconic as we've come to expect the Golf redesigns. Certainly not as striking as the change from a Mk6 to a Mk7.

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2 hours ago, JonSW said:

Rear quarters from side on is a Golf, the rest is Astra/[insert name of Korean car you never look twice at here].


I thought by the third photo that the driver was going to dump it in the ditch in embarrassment!


The front is just gopping 🤮


Have to agree with the Astra bit. I saw the OP title with half an eye on the photos, and immediately thought "wot's he on about? that's an Astra with a VW badge on", thinking it some sort of photoshop un-serious post.

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