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Typical MK7 R Battery Life?

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Battery life in modern cars is a lot lower than it ever used to be - primarily because of the huge drain of all the electrical systems they now have.   If you primarily do short journeys (le

Unfortunately even if you code Auto stop/start off permanently that doesn't change the BMS algorithms, so the battery is never fully charged.  This is the main reason why batteries often don't last as

Think the battery points are 10mm and you need a 13mm socket with extension for the battery tray. I figured if vw tried to charge me id be over a barrel and they would want £££s.  £130 ish for an

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16 hours ago, Booth11 said:

My 2016 7R battery lasted only 17k miles and stop-start was disabled from early on with obdeleven but despite that it still died an early death.  

The battery may have been one of the bad batch of batteries that were fitted to VWs (and Audis) around that time, or it may have succumbed to the bad charging regime applied by the BMS.


The problem with Golfs with Auto Stop/start is not the Auto Stop/start itself, it is the different battery management system (BMS) that comes with it. 


The BMS leaves the battery only partially charged most of the time, and lead acid batteries last much better if kept fully charged.  Add in lots of short trips and/or not using the car for several days and the battery ends up heavily discharged , and that damages them.  If you drive your car for longer trips most days that usually keeps the battery charged better.


Many Golf owners have resorted to plugging in a battery charger at regular intervals to keep their battery fully charged and thus help their battery last longer.   My R battery is the usual cheapo OEM EFB that VW supplied when I bought this car new, and it is currently 4+ years old and still going strong (which reminds me, it is time to put the charger on again).

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On 21/12/2020 at 08:51, Wagon R said:

This is what I don’t like about generic garages ...you can’t trust they set it up right, if at all. I’d check to be sure it’s done correctly. 

I'd check too, Battery Technology should be coded to "FLEECE" for optimum life with an AGM battery.

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I go through about 5no. a year at present and done another one only last week.


Security devices seem to kill them.


Just have to try go for a drive more often.


Had issues with CTEK in the past so reluctant to use them, melted a battery on my other Golf, tray saved me as they make a right old mess/smell when they let go.




Damian Mac Donagh

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