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Rpm res delete anti drone

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Thanks everyone, really helpful info, thank you to the admins for taking the time to answer so in-depth 👍   Hope everyone has a great weekend

Well, I've ordered a RPM Anti drone pipe for the Daddy Wagon, Daniel's communication has been great thus far. Will update forum on my experiences when I install the pipe 

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I've had one of these fitted for just over a month now and have to say overall I'm impressed with it!


Sounds amazing as far as I'm concerned, in 'normal' driving mode it's barely noticable under normal driving conditions. Just a bit throatier than stock although I do experience drone at just under 3k revs, 2.8-3k ish which I can only say I hit if I cruise at 80 (and by 80 I of course mean only 70 and not a sinlge mph over ;);) ). 

I've had family in the car since the res delete went on and they've not been able to tell from inside the cabin that anything had changed.


In race mode it's a different story, much much louder in the cabin, much louder outside and lots of bubbling/garbling/popping/banging whatever you want to call it which all equates to a big simle on my face!  Again done between 2.8-3k revs but I find it perfectably tollerable and worth it.


All of the above is of course my personal opinion and I've not experienced a car with a res delete that doesn't have the anti-drone pipe to compare or the BCS (BSC?) one that people rate very highly to make any kind of comparison but for the £168 I think it's well worth the money! 

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