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Racingline springs, Forge 11mm & 16mm spacers, and a TRC Lowline kit

*Racingline lowering springs *Racingline R360 alloys (19" ET44 8.5J) *245 wide Michelin PS4 S tyres *No spacer on the front, 8mm spacer on the rear.   Instagram @dan_mk7.5r

Mine now with KW V3's on. did have 15mm spacers on back but took off & awaiting some 10mm one's. Think the front's are perfect. 

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On 29/08/2020 at 10:38, dbrown1991 said:

Nice, what ET please? 

Thi caught my eye in scrolling.
If it still matters....I am pretty sure these were ET40.  No Spacers.  I recall liking the pic.  I have Winter Set this same size and 235:40 Tyres, give close to identical Rolling Radius as factory fitted Pretorias. 
Member has moved to a Cupra Ateca (Seat). 👍

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Slammed is so very ‘Then’.   The only way is up.    😉


For my solo stealth hiking/fishing camper project, I am considering taking a somewhat different direction...Lift kit.







Challenge is to find a suitable 4 motion TDI donor van to raise the roof.  



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    • By SamClarke97
      Hello all, my first post on the forum. Just wondering:
      Which are the ‘best’ lowering springs for ride comfort? The car won’t be getting track use so I’m just looking to reduce the arch gap, without breaking my back 😂.
      With that in mind, I’m looking at a 20mm drop. Which spacers are best, that don’t cause rub? 
      Should also note;
      - I won’t be changing the dampers on the car. 
      - I’m running the 18inch Pretoria’s. As opposed to the 19’s or the Cadiz.

    • By Mattalica10
      Might be a daft question but I can't get my head round it...
      Im planning on changing from my 18" Cadiz alloys to some 19" Prets in the next month or so. Will the car be 1/2 an inch higher off the ground with the extra inch added to the alloys? 
      If thats the case, then are all 7R's who have Prets from the factory running half an inch higher than the Cadiz boys? 
      Or will there be no different and why? 

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