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Morrisons van overturned - Golf front bumpers

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WoW crash in Sheffield hope this is nobody on here, whilst looking for this I searched Morrisons vans and there's been dozens of them going over appears to be a very unstable van but worse this car will need a front bumper and given all the bumper thefts in this area I'll have to hide my car at work this week 😟




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    • By ALS391
      Luckily driver only had minor injuries, clear dry day, yes officer I was only doing 39mph

    • By ALS391
      sentenced to 18 months for all this with an additional 6 for stealing diesel, does not add up to me, those guys in the other cars really lucky to survive as he was and destroyed someone's pride and joy 😮

    • By Haych
      Hello all,
      So i finally received my factory ordered Golf R yesterday and have been loving every minute of it 😀.
      But since yesterday, i thought there was something about the front of my car which looked different but couldn't quite put my finger on it. it finally dawned on me that the front bumper may not be a R bumper but in fact an R-line bumper!
      The chrome detailing on the air vent (which looks nice IMO) was one indicator that suggested this difference. Another thing i noticed was the engine used to take quite a while to cool down but i though this was common. Because of the long time it took for the engine bay to cool down, i looked at the air vents and realised that they were fake! i was thinking this was detrimental for the engine and may impede airflow. Another difference was this bumper had a sort of honeycomb effect on grille where else a R bumper had a straight lower centre grille. 
      I do believe that i have the wrong bumper on the car, as other 2018 models does seem to have a different R bumper. i couldn't believe this as i have always thought the germans car manufacturers had strict quality control especially a large company like VAG.  
      I'm not sure what my position is, in regards to the car and what steps i should take going forwards. I waited since over three months for this car and would be a bummer to not finally enjoy it due to a possible error. What do you guys think of the R/R-line hybrid? 😅

    • By E-V-A-N-S
      Well my hype after fitting my res delete came crashing down rather quickly. 
      Took my car to work to use one of the buildings so I could fit my res delete under cover and out of the weather.
      I fitted that and was making my way home and a vauxhall astra pulled right out of a no right turn junction and straight into me. I was probably 15 metres away when he pulled out, I seen him but because its a no right turn I didnt think for one minute he was going to cut across infront of me. 
      I slammed the breaks on, i was travelling at 30mph and probably got down to about 15/20mph on time of impact. 
      He hit me up onto the curb which has completely cracked my one alloy, damaged the rear passenger alloy. 
      The rest of the damage can be seen on the pictures. It needs a new bonet, wing, door, bumper, light, intercooler, radiator, 3 alloys and tyres. One or two could probably be refurbed but I don’t want them back especially the passenger rear as it slammed up over the curb so is probably buckled now. Considering what it done to the front alloy i’ll be surprised if its not. Thats just what I can see, i managed to drive it home less than half a mile and the steering is all over the shop. I didnt notice the cracked alloy until i got home other wise I wouldnt have drove it. 
      The insurance company have said its border line whether it will be repaired or not its all down to how much mechanical damage there is. It doesnt look too bad but when you add it up the bill soon starts climbing. 
      Gutted is an understatement. This car is my pride and joy and I take such care in keeping it immaculate, it took me nearly 3 months to find the one I wanted and its all undone in 10 seconds due to some idiot doing an illegal manoeuvre. 
      I suppose it could have been worse, although now the adrenaline has wore off I can barely move. It’s my first ever accident and I keep replaying it over, could I have done something to have avoided it, was I not concentrating enough etc etc. 
      I’m not sure I want the car back. Will I ever have the same look on it again? Can they match the oryx and pearl. Just have to wait and see what insurance say next week. 
      Here are the pictures 😫

      Part of his side skirt stuck in my alloy. 

      completely cracked this one. 

    • By Roby3087
      So last night i was at traffic lights, car in front of me and 2 more cars behinde me, along comes a silver peugeot. I heard the first bang and thought what was that, next thing i knew, i was hit and moved about a foot. I didnt hit the car in front luckly. The peugeot forced 2 parked cars waiting for the lights to change into me.
      I think ive been luckly. I cant see any damage or scratchs to my car. but the peugeot is a right off i would say. No one was hurt
      When speaking to the police i was asking do i have to tell my insurance if theres no damage etc. and if there is damage or get the car checked how to do i claim. They told me that all i needed was the crime number and when at the garage give them that and they will charge the peugeot.
      Am in 2minds if i should get it checked or not. I dont have time as i work nights and doing 7 nights for the next 2 weeks. 
      The only thing i can see if the rear bottom reflectors may have been pushed in but not sure so could someone post a picture of theres please?
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