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What is the quickest car you've ever driven?

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Had a day of borrowing a good mates CLS63 AMG.
Off to play Golf, I had another mate, who’s a police officer sat besides me.
Having said that did give it a little {cough} blast up an on ramp to the M25. Maximum grin factor and a licence looser without question.

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On 04/07/2019 at 07:26, DaveGrohl said:

Single seater F3000 car at Palmersports day. Small engine but light as a feather with downforce. Great great fun hooning that round a track trying to get fastest time. Then you get to see the recorded times and see how some people did it 20 seconds quicker than you!! Jeez.......


My R8 V10 Plus isn't that much quicker than my Unicorn 7R on normal roads, but round a track it's an entirely different story.........

 I would second the F3000, although it was the first car we drove on the day, so I would enjoy it more next time with a bit more of an idea of what it could do. The Superride in the JPLM was a bit ridiculous too! 

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