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First Wash New 7.5

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Right, I collect a new 7.5 this week and I have been pondering what to do for its first wash.... I was thinking:

Decontamiate paintwork with an APC 

Full wheel wash 


Contact wash with decent mitt, 2 bucket 

Wet seal paintwork



Wax using hybrid wax

Wax wheels 

I'm disappointed with the paint work on my lapiz Mk7 - It's really easy to swirl.

I'm hoping a good start to the washing and waxing process will reduce the risk considerably on a lapiz 7.5.

Anything else I should consider or any amendments anyone would make?? 



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Only thing I wouldnt bother with is wet sealing. You'll remove this when polishing. Other than that I'd say that looks good.
I did the same on my 7.5 white silver, and used Colinite 915. After a year and always 2bm cleaning its still in great condition. My only bug bear is that it appears to have water marked, but it cant be as I have done a single stage on it about 3 weeks back and its still there. More correction is required. Also bird dirt marks it REALLY easiliy, literally 4 hrs and I had a mark that needed compound to remove it.

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Congrats on your new R!


Looks good but a few suggestions.  


I’d start by washing the whole car first prior to decontamination stages,  I’d decontaminate using a dedicated iron/fallout remover and a tar remover as opposed to APC. Then clay if needed (do the sandwich bag test to see if still any embedded contaminants) but only if polishing afterwards.  Not sure what exactly you refer to with wet sealing the paintwork but if you mean any kind of protective sealant application (such as wetcoat et al) then as above, the polish (assume you mean hand polish or machine with compound) will remove it. Only fully seal or wax after polishing. After polishing I’d use a pre wax cleanser like panel wipe/IPA/Lime Prime Lite to remove all traces of polish and give you a squeaky clean base for the wax.  


Don’t forget your glass, tailpipes and tyres!  

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Thanks both, wetseal is a brand as apposed to a process. Its add a little protection but is only sprayed on, so will save that for when I have less time. 

I'll use the decon products you describe @Booth11. Pre wax/post polish products are taking it to a whole jew level for me but will have a look and invest in some.

Hopefully birds flight path isn't over my drive way @RS6BRIT 😂😂🐦🤔

Tyres will be cleaned and protected, pipes polished and windows washed, polished and sealed with rain ex. Just hope the weather stays fair! 

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As above but steer clear of Rain-X or Smear-X.  Get something like Gyeon View.  Only needs applying once or twice a year and you only really need to do the windscreen.  You can QD or Wetcoat the other windows for the beading effect.


If you want to seal the wheels Gyeon Rim is my go to and can also be used on the tailpipes to try and prevent the carbon build up.  Waxing wheels to me is a pointless process as it will last weeks if that as the brake dust and heat just wears the wax away.  A ceramic coat will last at least 12 months and make cleaning a lot easier.

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