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What did you pass your Driving Test in?

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Ok I’ll kick off. Recently laughing with. My lovely wife about how complicated new cars have become and how we take the features for granted.  Harked back to simpler cars at Driving Test time.


Ford Escort 1300 2 dr mk2. For me.


Great steering and gear change.


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First test was in a 1.3 Suzuki swift mk1, it used to rev its tits off and for it to go anywhere it had to be sat screaming it’s head off above 4000rpm.

Second test was in a Fiat Punto 1.2 which didn’t have power steering and 4 speed I think? my instructor had his Suzuki swift (above) written off a week before my test (not by me I’ll add!) and my first lesson was on test day and first time driving a non power steering car, it felt so heavy on the steering!

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Fiat 126 back in 1977.


Absolutely crap private instructors car, but driving lessons were cheap, and went round Hyde Park Corner on second lesson. Had to double de-clutch to get 1st gear. Easy for 3 point turn and reversing round corners though 


(library photo)



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