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    • By Charles95
      Hi everyone, 
      May already be a post on it but,
      What colours have folks gone for on their calipers? 
      I'm thinking the golden orange 350z caliper colours would like nice with Limestone Grey. 
    • By Impalfa
      2016 Scirocco R DSG.
      Does anyone have any suggestions on good quality grooved brake discs (F&R) and brake pads for fast road use? I don't want to replace the calipers or want cross-drilled discs, just really good brakes that stand up to hard driving better than genuine vw brakes.
      Thanks and regards. 
    • By GrantW
      Discount code "EARLY"
      Just bought myself a set of Brembo rear pads from Euro car parts £23.25 inc delivery.
    • By SBN
      been looking at changing my front discs and as much as id love a BBK, i have no intention of going near a track so dont really think i need to splash out £1600-£1800 at least. ive been thinking of getting a set of clubsport discs but browsed the mtec website and found these.

      these are for a leon or earlier s3/r  and after looking at dimension on replacement discs for those earlier cars (on the nitrac wwebsite) from what i can make out all the dimensions are the same as our standard discs except they are 345mm rather than 340mm. does anyone know if these would fit straight on to an R?


    • By Ben1191
      Ive got a 7.5 stock R, the brakes overheat after maybe 5 minutes of fast road driving on B roads and not even Heavy braking (public road obviously so never at the limit) The pedal gets soft and loses feeling and requires more pressure for the same braking just in case im describing it wrong lol.
      Do i need better discs or just better pads? what is the weakest point in the stock setup as i find it pretty poor that the brakes arent really up to much being sold as a performance car.
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