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New A45s premier

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Haha, but in a way it is, as know he was an S3 owner previously so he is losing the AWD also by selecting the TCR - He really was not happy with his A35 and you have to not be to get MB UK to take back as doubt that was an easy process. 
Be interesting to see what he thinks of the TCR 
With regards the A35/A45 I still like its looks and the interior though not for me really does have a good lustre, and it might be a decent car come the Face Lift to seriously look at as the new car bugs get ironed out - Did read on the MB forum that they are not releasing cars without going through an extra and full QC before leave factory and thats impacted orders with delays now going into 2020, which does indicate a bigger problem in build quality than is being admitted. 
Sorry couldn't resist

Yeah the interior is excellent looking, not sure as not sat in one personally. Good to know even MB can produce a Friday afternoon car!

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tbh I am a dials man as well - forget all this touchscreen stuff - although surely things are moving towards voice activated, or gesture control.


Temperature to 22c please mercedes (or however you do it) - I have no idea.


Missus has a 2008 so that still has some heater controls, it does puzzle me though, as the 508 for example has the piano keys (think the 3008 has it as well) so at least you have a key for the shortcut to the screen, which is better than some cars that has heating controls in a sub menu.


Anyway - give it 10 years all cars will be driving themselves anyway! Leaving us to play with the touchscreens!

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