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Mujy's Limestone Grey R

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Hi Everyone,


Been on here awhile now so thought it was time to make a post on my R here.


It's a Limestone Grey 5 Door DSG model. 


I have had the car awhile now and bot really done much to it other then having the car lowered 15mm all around and and spacers on the back to give it a wider stance and fill the arches.


Car has also had a Stage 1 remap done from More BHP. I will post a picture up of the graph. There is a slight dip in the power graph midway through the rev range, not sure if this is normal on the R's. Would be great if anyone knowledgable could give some input on that point.


The Golf R's steering wheel is also in Alcantara which is a lovely touch and feels great whilst driving. Just a little bit more care is needed when cleaning.


No future plans as of yet, but have been considering adding an induction kit shortly. Still need to make my mind up on which one to go for.


Will add further pictures of the car once It gets a good clean 👍






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The sun came out for awhile so I managed to clean the exhaust tips. It's been bugging me.


So I took the exhaust tips off after soaking them in abit of WD40 and game them a good scrubbing using Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish and some wire wool. I have used autosol before but much prefer Mothers. Better product and more shine IMO.


45 minutes later with alot of elbow grease and done!


Came out pretty well and I am happy with the results.







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