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VCDS is the preferred choice if you have the money but OBDeleven, imo is brilliant. 


Cheap compared to VCDS, has loads of features, easy to use and can be used via phone/tablet.


Works perfectly fine with the Mk7.5 and a long list of other VAG group cars. 


Lots of support and how too's online and on this forum. 


A must have imo.


Carista is another option but I personally prefer OBDeleven.

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32 minutes ago, dopper99 said:


According to this it looks like you can download it for ios



Out of interest I just downloaded the iOS app onto my iPad and logged in.  All my correct details are there.  Of course it doesn’t work with my 1st Gen dongle (just tried it for the hell of it, and got a message) as requires a Next Gen dongle which is still delayed indefinitely according to the website. 

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35 minutes ago, dopper99 said:

Yes, on the App Store people are complaining the ios app doesn't work. Dont know why they released it with no matching dongle!

Seems a silly thing to do. Give iOS users half of it and tell them they’ve no idea if/when the other half with transpire! 

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