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VWFS refuse to extend lease


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£250+VAT pm from VWFS here.

They extended it from 24 to 36mths with max 40k miles without an issue in January.

BCA have just started asking for it back as it ends officially end of jan but paperwork says first week march.

The have asked if I want to keep it or if a family member or friend does to just fill in the paperwork with the name going on the V5.

No plans to but always open to passing it on rather than it going to a dealer as guy at BCA says they are struggling to move stuff that isn’t bog standard atm 

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I ended up buying mine 3 or 4  months ago - 2.5 year old, 39k, estate, metallic grey etc. £19k ish.   Since then I’ve done about 500 miles!  
The bca purchase prices were rising 4 months ago due to new car supply issues etc.  
I was relatively happy with the price but they aren’t bargains. 

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That’s it - I could buy it and move it on easily enough - happy to arrange it for someone but whilst its been a good car to have, it isn’t one I want to keep or indeed think “ooo I’ll take that for a blast”.

TBH its boring. Should’ve kept the M135i

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Very interesting, I find out my buy price in March - the car will be 4 years old in June 2021.


Tbh for the performance the mpg ain't bad, its done germany twice, belgium once. Seen 144 mph out of it on the autobahn etc.


I do get the dull comments - the sound isn't great, i think a s4 with the 3.0 v6 turbo is probably my ideal car, a bit softer than the R, got a bit better noise.


My costs have been:


Original deal in April 2017 signed, deposit £1560, monthly £256.

Extended May 2019 - new cost £205 a month (which I am still paying now)


So for fours years R useage (205 x 24) + (256 x 23) + 1560 = 4920 + 5888 + 1560 = 12,368. Obviously road tax needs to come off that to get the true depreciation cost I have paid.


I reckon new it was probably about £31k to buy? Mines bog standard. So ideally if I pay around £18500 it will be around the same.



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