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Golf Mk8 videos

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YEA!!!!!, My Car is FINALLY HOME..😍   https://youtu.be/MuzXvBuStZ0      

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12 hours ago, Stobsie said:



Nice vid over the Lambourn Downs on the B4000, not far from me. 🙂


Well the Civic Type R was always going to win as it beats pretty much everything out there anyway at the moment as a drivers car. But to me the Golf seems a more liveable car day to day.


One main issue with the Type R is its lack of Individual mode - so you cant have comfort suspension and Sport throttle, they missed a trick there. When in Sport mode he is clearly being thrown around a bit. Good when you are "on-it" but if you fancy some sport throttle you need to put up with this firmer suspension setting.


And then there is the looks. 😨

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That Golf R is a quick car the way it’s pulling from the others. In fact it’s behaving like a car with about 50bhp more than the others and not 10-15bhp more.


And the M135i is supposed to have more torque than the R (420 vs 450nm) ..... go figure. 

Great performance from the new R and vids like this will help make them sell like hot cakes.


Roll on the carwow vid when we’ll get some times for it no doubt. 😎

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