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Golf Mk8 videos


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Peoples seem to be warming to the new Mk8 eh...??


I had a drive in a Mk8 GTI recently and it was a nice place to be, drove well, sounded good, I liked the tech - and didn't find the Air Con controls to be much worse than in the Mk7.5 - OK, you have to reach a bit further to get to them...but with various ways of using them - touch n slide, press etc - they should work for most people.  You kind of need the Performance Pack on it though eh to make it look half decent??  Could be tempted - would like to see what the Wagon will look like though - that would be my preference.



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3 hours ago, Juicetin said:

Looking forward to see a review, pics even, of a standard non-performance pack R.

It would be good to read or see a review soon of a non performance pack R with standard exhaust.  They are really pushing the bells and whistles version.   

Mind you it works, lol.  I was 90% sure on speccing the PP (if the R gets my money) I’m pretty much sold on it now.  Thomas’ Autogefuel review has given a good indication of the worth and fun of the Nurburgring and Drift modes and on ‘normal’ roads and normal and leisure driving, showing that it’s not just for the track and/or McDonald’s car park. 

But they do need to review the standard version!  


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2 hours ago, dopper99 said:

However, I'm not entirely sure how accurate that vid is.


0-100mph (or 160km/h) in under 10 secs. Hmmmm, I doubt it from 300bhp (ish) cars!





Yeah, watching a needle travel round a dial is not exactly convincing is it? However...in a real world test (in the dry) Mat Watson did two (0-100 mph) runs in the new Audi S3 and got 10.95 and 11.31 seconds, which is pretty impressive. The 0-60 mph times for the R and the S3 will be the same (about 4.4 secs), so the 0-100 mph times are bound to be very similar too. Not that I'm all that interested in these drag race tests (how a car goes round corners is far more important!), but for those who are...

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On 18/12/2020 at 18:33, Richard_Nottm said:

The 8R has grown on me in the videos.  The better torque vectoring sounds a notable improvement.  Like the interior.  Rear ends ok.   Front takes a bit of getting used but be ok i reckon.


Same here. The exterior has grown on me, especially with the performance pack - that spoiler is pretty daring for a stock R. I also like they got rid of the cheap black plastics that were in the GTI like the diffuser and door sills, which are gloss black and body-coloured metal respectively on the R. Performance justifiably more than the current R + that new Haldex system, that allows a rear-wheel biased mode / drift sounds great - really big positives there.


Just a shame that, in traffic, you'll end up having to look at the interior and a sea of cheap plastic and touchscreens. Also it must be freezing because that DSG stick has shrunk to the point of being pointless - why not just have swivel wheel, what's the point of a tiny jutting out stick that you can't use in S + Manual mode anymore. That's a big downside for me. The other down side is the new "curvy-Cadiz" wheels are not my taste at all, but that's personal preference of course.




This is what an R interior should look like - and actually what engine an "R400" should have had :) - though not sure it needed 600hp, but 400 would've been good enough for that sound. Also what a number plate :D 


Skip to 3:50 to see the interior - omg what a job the owner has done on that. Those seats are incredible.




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On 21/12/2020 at 18:25, fastgolf said:

Just when the mk8 R has started to grow on me I go and look at my mk7 and realise the mk8 is still not winning me over. Maybe once I’ve seen it in the flesh I’ll like it more. 


It's a pitty that they can't afford to put a hydrolic bonnet holder on the Mk8 like they have on all the older models 😂

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15 minutes ago, PJD said:

It's a pitty that they can't afford to put a hydrolic bonnet holder on the Mk8 like they have on all the older models 😂


Say if the gas strut cost a fiver and in the UK they've sold typically around 20K cars per year. Thats  a £100K saving per year, just in the UK alone.


That will encourage the bean counters to tell them to leave it off the car. 😞

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