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Mk7 R Estate - Helix Plug & Play Subwoofer System Estate DIY

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Hi everyone,


This is not a full DIY for the Helix install, there are already decent guides on that. This is specifically aimed at estate owners.....


I know some folks have had issues with the cable routing into the R Estate (or Golf Estate in general) due to a beam/bulkhead type thing that sits at the far end of the boot floor where it meets the seat bases. This prevents the Helix cable being routed into the boot under the seat bases as per the Golf hatchback and can lead to poor compromises such as wedging the cable down the side of the backrest which pinches it, the cable can then also be seen and it’s a pretty untidy ‘non OEM’ look.


When I tackled the install on my R Estate this morning I tried to look for a clean way of doing things and after a bit of investigation and some handy cable rods (my dad is an electrician) and lots of trim removal I was able to send the Helix cable into the boot following the factory wiring harness, before dropping it down into the wheel well via the load lip trim. This means the cable is invisible unless you lift the boot floor and is not pinched or trapped anywhere.


Assuming you have already followed the steps in other DIY guides and the cable has made it from your headunit to your seat bases you will need to follow the steps below to get the cable into your wheel well.


1. Rather than going under the seat base, continue to follow the factory wiring harness. This goes under the large trim piece that the seatbelt sits on. You’ll need to remove the 10mm nut that holds it in place under the seat base then give it a good pull working from bottom to top in order to free it from a series of clips. Behind it you will see a cavity that the factory loom follows into the boot.


2. Open the cover in the boot on the left side that holds the toolkit in place. Remove the toolkit and the tray that holds it in place (held by a couple of T20 torx screws), once they are out it slides forwards and out, revealing a large cavity. Using a cable rod or coat hanger etc you should then be able to pull the Helix cable through to where your toolkit is stored.


3. With the boot floor lifted out of the way pull up hard on the plastic loading lip/threshold on the edge of the boot. This simply unclips and lifts out of the way. With this removed you can just about pry the larger trim piece that it clipped into on the left out by a few CM in order to feed the Helix cable behind it and into the wheel well. The loading lip can then be clipped back into place and the cable then neatly appears from underneath it and straight into your subwoofer/amp.


After this you just need to clip everything back into place in reverse order.


The only issue with doing things this way is that the cable is only just long enough. You’ll need to make sure you only just feed enough through to the sub/amp to get it plugged in or you’ll run out of cable at the other end for your headunit. It took me a couple of attempts of shuffling  the cable along before I found a happy medium.


Sorry for the poor quality photos, it was raining hard and I was in the garage!


Please don’t judge me on my dirty boot floor either, it got a good hoovering after I finished.


I’m just waiting for my extension bolt to arrive now so that my spare wheel can sit on top. You can do this in the estate with room to spare, even with the feet still on the sub.


hopefully estate owners will find this useful, any questions shout up.











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