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Shes grey and stealthy....

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11 hours ago, smokeR said:

Only negative is the use on the stick in manual more - did they put it in back to front! Wish there was a coding solution to make pulling back gear lever change up a gear instead of down. I see the logic of pushing up is changing up......but i ask you!! All other cars i have driven are the opp to VW. Hey ho.

I must be the only Golf R DSG owner who doesn't mind the gearshift that way....Must've been all those arcade gales I played as a kid....:lol:

It's very intuitive for me...:afro:

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On 30/01/2020 at 22:38, Oov said:

Welcome to the forum, and it's a beauty in indium grey. And yeah these cars are easy to tune and stuff if that's what you mean by throttle adjustment. I'm running a high torque (420lb ft) APR map. But also if you get VCDS or similar you can also switch throttle response between two options, 'Gradual, controlled by time' and 'Direct, controlled by threshold'. Well, you did say you were looking for some tips, and after 20 months with mine I have a few :D

Hey there, 


Thanks for the info.... does the changing from gradual to direct make much difference? I asume direct is more linked to pedal angle? 


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Welcome from a fellow newbie and the car looks wicked . I've only had mine 3 months now and I still can relate to the smile from ear to ear you talking about.

Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk

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    • By AceGolfR
      Hey guys!
      New to the group, I've recently just purchased a Golf R Mk 7.5 (collecting it next week). First time ever owning a VW let alone an R! Have previously owned a Mercedes E300 coupe and a BMW 440i- going to a pocket rocket was a jump as i was always used to coupes!
      I'm excited to have fun with the Golf R and I can't wait to pick mine up next week.
      Few questions for you guys:
      1. What car did you have before your first VW R?
      2. What was the first modification you done to your VW R?
      3. What is the best thing about owning a VW R?

    • By smokeR
      Evening Folks hope your all doing okay.
      Decided to remove the JB1 from R and try a Revo Stage 1 remap. Car is standard except a drop in filter, turbo elbow and pipe (snow grate removed). Still running a pedal box too.
      The remap pulls harder through the rev range and there is more power at the top end than the jb1 gave. Its drives like factory but with a load more power. 
      Is it worth 3 times the price of a used jb1.....quick answer for me is mmm yes. But different horses for different courses. It also came down the the garage doing the work - very experienced mech / race car builder tuner. And local too! Got me involved and made me feel right at home, so worth every penny. Discount on future work tops it off.
      I did consider the dsg remap but feel its not need with the 7 speed dsg box, especially as I always drive in 'manual' . No issues so far. If any slippage occurs ill get Tvs to up the clamping pressure. 
      The in dash power gauge has been recalibrated and reads 287kw /385 bhp. Not sure how accurate that is.... I would estimate torque at 500ish. It really does pull hard in gear now.

    • By Joe.k
      Hi All,
      New around here, recently picked up my 2014 Golf R 5dr DSG. The drive select mode button flashes when pressed but doesn’t bring up anything on any of the screens?
      I have tried disconnecting the battery for over an hour and resetting the head unit by holding power for 15 seconds, also reset the factory settings on head unit with no luck. 
      Does anyone have any ideas? Or any idea how much they’d charge me at a main dealer to look?
      Thanks, Joe
    • By smokeR
      Evening folks,
      2019 Golf R 7.5 opf
      Got the jb1 installed this afternoon. Once car was jacked and undertray removed all fitted in 10 mins with the only fiddly bit being the cam sensor (i think) total swine to get to.
      Car started first time with no error codes thrown. Idles same as std and all sounded good. Went for first little drive - about 5 miles and felt a bit underwhelmed. Got out switched off car for minute or so while went to shop. Got back it and drove 30 through town to the bypass. WOT on slip ramp in second and boom! 
      No not the turbo going!! A good lump of extra torques was felt as car pulled hard through gears to about fast ish. Top end of rev range is much improved too. 
      I feel the car now has the mid range punch it was badly missing. 
      Tried a launch and could feel the car pulling power. Maybe a dsg tune would help with that.... more testing required my end.
      When manually launching the car the first gear pull is grin worthy!. 
      The R will be getting fully stage 2 mapped eventually but for £145 for the jb1 im very impressed. 

    • By smokeR
      Hey folks,
      Found these on ebay:
      What do you think?
      Bought a pair to see what they are like. Good price i think. The carbon fibre is overlayed to an OEM mirror.
      Will let you know my final thoughts when they arrive.
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