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When Do You All Change Tyres?

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At about £300-350, pessimistically, per Pair for New Tyres....

changing before they are nearly smooth with zero grip makes good sense, imho. 
Benefits vs Costs yet again.  Go on, you and your passengers are worth that to yourself 😀

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I have Assy3s on my 18" Cadiz.


Personally I would probably rotate them first - put the fronts on the back, and vice versa - especially given the R is FWD most of the time except under load / front slippage.


I'd do that only because I like to get all 4 replaced in one go rather than doing a pair at a time, or worse...one at a time like some non-car people do. Off-topic but a close friend of mine got his A3 TDI serviced, Audi said the front right is wearing down and he paid them to replace it...a single tyre for 17" rim...for £176!.


When I got the starting Potenzas replaced, I think my fronts were down to 4mm but the rears might have been 5 or 6 I think at around 16k miles. I replaced them all anyways.


Question now is...what tyre? I replaced Potenzas with Assy, but I might go Michelin PS4 next. General advice I've gathered though is PS4 and Assy3 are considered equally good, but if you have 19" rims then get PS4S.

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Tyre grip on wet roads is reduced significantly as the tread depth reduces, so I'd be replacing any tyres that are down to 3mm when winter is around (or coming up).


In my case I don't do many miles each year, so I usually end up replacing around 3-4 years old, even though there is still plenty of tread depth.  Old tyres don't grip as well as newer tyres, even if the old tyres have more tread.

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7 hours ago, Juicetin said:

Just wondering what people's thoughts are. My fronts are at about 3mm (Asymmetric 3) and have become very noisy , considering changing them but will i be berated for not running them to nearer the legal limit, a waste of money etc ? 

What do you all tend to do ? 

Simple question, do you drive relatively fast and try and get the best out of your car?


I tend to change tyres at 3-4 mm, if at 3mm in summer would change in say autumn.


in winter if at 4mm I would just change them (which I recently did and fitted 4x MPS4S).


in some countries, it's mandated that winter tyres are fitted this time of year and in most of those Winter tyres have a legal limit of 4mm!


the reduction in tyre performance at 3mm over the winter months is pretty drastic. That's with good quality rubber, I dread to think those on cheap ditch finders running 2-3mm when it's 2c and raining.


another thing to consider is with lower tread depth your car is far more susceptible to aquaplaning.


and another point... at lower tread depths it becomes more important to check overall tread wear across width of all tyres and wear around circumference, the tyre may have areas on 2mm on shoulders or flat spots that are sitting a good 1-2mm under overall tread depth.



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Close to 3mm especially in winter / wet.


Might stretch it a few weeks if summer and just poodle gets round town, but not if driving distance or higher speeds. 

Car is only on 4 handprint sized bits of rubber, unless selling car in a week or so why not benefit from better grip and safety?

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I have just replaced my 235/35/19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4's with new ones.


Fronts were down to just under 3mm, backs (which had been rotated with fronts some time ago) were +- 4mm.


Not worth the hassle of waiting for another 1,000 miles for the backs to wear down, so just swapped the lot at once.


i only seem to get about 11,000 miles out of a set, but then I do feel I am driving the car in keeping with its potential.

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I'd agree in changing them at 3mm minimum.


You are driving a performance hot hatch, not some 100bhp runaround. It needs quality tyres with good tread to get the best out of it and to be safe given the cars performance.


For me, its about enjoyment of the car. As soon as the car feels different (worse) it terms of grip/handling then it's time for the tyres to go.

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Just had my car serviced and as I suspected following the health check, the fronts are getting closer to that 3mm mark - 3.5mm as it stands. I have noticed a drop off in wet weather grip recently, particularly with one road near my village which wasn’t great. I will get some PS4’s and buy a set all round - running 18” Cadiz. My question is at the rear its 4.5mm and 6mm. Would people swap these round for now as thats quite a bit left or get rid anyway? 

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