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New R owner!

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4 hours ago, jordanjpeo02 said:

Will definitely have to speak to them i think only thing i would need is cat back system so i can get through my mot as i dont know any friendly mot people emoji23.png

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Car will pass an mot with the res delete, it’s a decat that would fail MOT.

Had the res delete done and it sounds much better! Need their cat back or turbo back powervalve system but this will do for now 😁

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19 hours ago, jordanjpeo02 said:

Thank you!
Yes i have 100% fallen in love i was very spectacular as i previously had a mk5 r32 but moving over to the mk7 R.

The only thing in my opinion that is better with the r32 was the sound.

So the car came with pritty much everythink auto light, auto wipers, pan roof, reversing cam i love this feature with the badge poping open, folding mirrors.

Couple of options i wasnt to intrested in was the leather so indidnt get that and alsonthe winter pack because to me unless you have the leather seats you dont really need the heated seats and i still have the heated door mirros so i am more that happy with that!

Going foward with her today i will be sorting out to boot pop tire wrap mod and also will taking silcone bag out of the coolant and will be looking to slowls progress through the stages on the car and will be looking for opinion on suspension as i didnt go for the DCC as just another expense and didnt seam worth it unless ibwas intrested in more comfort wich i wasnt i like feeling the road even all the bumps with 19s on emoji23.png2dfb14ab8e7c161254a502abc7d94de9.jpg

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Some days I miss my Mk 5 R32...Great car....Not the quickest...but definitely the best sounding...:smiley:

Nice looking blue R32..Mine was black.....but Mk 7 R is a BIG step up....even before you tune it....:smiley:

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