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Jeff R

Exhaust valve coding out on a 2019 R

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Tried to do this via the usual coding method that’s previously worked no problem  I em on my 3x Mk7’s ... but on my 2019 R it will not accept the coding


heres the code I’m using on a genuine new VCDS cable


1 – Engine module

Exhaust Flaps deactivate

Byte 9

Bit 2 - Exhaust Flaps installed, uncheck box to deactivate it and save as usual.


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Thanks for confirming that marshy,


I’m now unsure about unplugging them whilst the cars in sport with having no VCDS support, just in case something goes wrong ... 

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For me it isn't a problem - but I'm sure to some people it is, but for me I always cycle through to race mode after starting up. It appears to me that it is not just the valves that get triggered when you cycle through modes, but all maps. You default to normal every time (in my 2015 7R at least), so even if it says race mode because you left it in race mode, you're actually driving in normal mode, engine map as well as every other change the different modes make.


That's why I just cycle to race mode every time. If I simply coded valves always open, I'd still have to cycle to race mode anyway.

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